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Princess Victoria speaks out on WWE, Moolah and Tag Team Titles

Long before the Attitude Era and just before the Rock ’n’ Wrestling movement, Princess Victoria wrestled in the early 80s. During her short career, she managed to form a successful tag team partnership with Velvet McIntyre to win the NWA Women’s Tag Team Title, which later became the now-defunct WWF Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Following a career-ending neck injury, Princess Victoria retired and stepped away from the professional wrestling world for the past few decades. In an exclusive interview with, Princess Victoria revealed her thoughts about the controversy surrounding The Fabulous Moolah, the current women’s wrestling scene and she had some interesting things to say about the WWE.

On the Sasha Banks VS Bayley rivalry and the possibility of a new Women’s Tag Team Championship: “I cannot comment on this as I refuse to watch anything associated with the WWE. […] I think the WWE and its style is on the way out. Professional wrestling is now taking a turn back to ‘old school’ wrestling. This is what the fans want and the management at the WWE is out of touch with their fans. ROH has seen this and I believe this is where the next surge for wrestling is now coming from.”

On the WWE’s ‘Women’s Evolution’: “The WWE and the McMahons take credit for a lot of things. To me, they have degraded women for a very long time, started when Mae and Moolah did that horrible school girl gimmick. Women’s Wrestling has been evolving since the 1930’s and will continue to do so on its own.”

On the allegations surrounding The Fabulous Moolah: “Moolah was not a pimp and she hated drugs. She did steal from all of her girls including me, but she was the only way to keep wrestling back then, so it was Moolah or almost nothing. […] I think [The WrestleMania Battle Royal] should have stayed named after Moolah, no matter how crooked she was, she is and was a very important part of women’s wrestling and if they are going to do her like this, then Snickers better reevaluate their sponsorship on all sports after the many arrests made for multiple different things in sports.”

On her involvement with the class action lawsuit and her current relations with WWE: “My neck was broken in the ring and I was basically thrown out with no medical attention and very little to my name. I am now fully disabled sometimes having to use a wheelchair due to the lack of medical attention. I have had multiple concussions and have donated my brain for a future lawsuit to prove that we wrestlers have been misused by the WWE for many many years. […] I want nothing to do with the WWE and will not, even if invited to allow my name to be in their so-called Hall of Fame.”

To read the full interview, please head to Solo Wrestling here (please note that it is in Spanish).

What do you think of Princess Victoria’s comments? Were you aware of her relations with Moolah and WWE? Do you agree with some of her comments? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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