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Priscilla Kelly grosses out opponent with controversial move

Independent wrestler Priscilla Kelly continues to participate in controversial matches. Kelly was involved in a tag team match, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, with her partner Darby Allin, facing the team of Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly at The Ultimate Bar Brawl, in Atlanta.

At the culmination of the match, Kelly “threw up” on Everfly as Allin was holding him in place on top of the bar. Allin instructed Kelly to deliver a kick to Everfly, however, vomiting ensued, instead. The spot caused Allin to take advantage and roll up Everfly for the win. After the three count, Everfly proceeded to throw up as well.

Everfly responded to the spot on Twitter.

This is the second time within a month that Kelly has produced a spot that sparked the interests of many. In early January, Kelly dropped a “used tampon” in the mouth of her opponent at a Suburban Fight Pro event.

That moment caused a lot of mixed reactions from both fans and fellow wrestlers. Some critics felt she went too far with the tampon incident, while others understood why it was done.

One wrestler who continues to be behind Kelly’s actions is Joey Ryan.

Ryan is also known for controversial matches in the independent scene. He commented on the video by promoting his upcoming match next month against Kelly. This match will be hosted by Quintessential Pro Wrestling in Las Vegas. “So many body fluids,” is the response from Ryan, as he anticipates his future clash.

Kelly did take to Twitter after the tampon move to reply to the fans’ reactions. She followed up that tweet further with explaining her friendship with Ryan. Her focus was on the double standard between men and women, and not Ryan himself.

Check back with Diva Dirt for any further updates on the match.

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