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Race to the Double Championship: Week One


The WWE certainly shook things up when they drafted Melina and Maryse to opposite brands – with them went their respective championships. Thus, a new record suddenly looms, and the race is on: who will be the WWE’s first ever double champion? We’ve taken possible candidates (former Womens Champions and Divas Champions) and calculated their odds, ordering them in rank of most likely to least likely. Over the following weeks we’ll be updating this chart, taking into account wins, losses, and budding feuds. Place your bets folks because it’s happening, and it’s happening soon.

Beth Phoenix
Raw/Divas Championship
Mickie James
Raw/Divas Championship
Michelle McCool
SmackDown/Women’s Championship
Gail Kim
SmackDown/Divas Championship
Candice Michelle
SmackDown/Divas Championship

Given the Odds… Beth is one of Raw’s top Divas (not to mention the last Women’s Champion), so it’s likely that she would get a shot at Maryse’s title. That, paired with rumors of a face turn make it extremely likely that she could be the one to get the first crack at a feud with Maryse.

Candice has been moved to SmackDown, and thus is out of range of a Divas Championship match, but never say never! She’s been out of commission as of late, and thus her chances are even slimmer. Though, I wouldn’t put it past the WWE to pull a fast one on us.

Gail faced Maryse on her very last SmackDown appearance (read spoilers), and it’s not out of the question that their feud could spill across the brands. Friday’s results make one wonder if this earns Gail a shot at Maryse’s title, and if that were to happen, we may have the first dobule champ on our hands.

Michelle is very likely to be Melina’s first feud on SmackDown. She’s the brand’s top heel, so it’s quite obvious that those two will butt heads. The question is: will Michelle be able to best Melina?

Mickie has been put on the back-burner time and time again, but perhaps this is her time to shine – the “shaking up” the draft did could be just what she needs to “get her groove back”, so to speak. She’s easily Raw’s most popular Diva, so it would be easy for the WWE to pit her against the new, arrogant heel in Maryse and produce a attention-grabbing feud.

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