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Rachael Evers confirms her injury and surgery required *Updated*

Update: Rachael Evers comments on her Twitter that her surgery was a success. She further comments with “Now let’s get to work.”

NXT Superstar, Rachael Evers confirmed on her social media that she did in fact suffer a recent injury. This incident happened during her match against Lacey Lane at an NXT Live event in Fort Pierce, FL. over the weekend. Evers took an injury to her knee which caused the match to end and she had to be helped to the back.

Since then, it has been confirmed that she has a tear to her ACL and will require surgery. The surgery will take place on Aug. 6.

This is the second NXT talent who has suffered an injury from over the weekend and requires surgery. As previously reported, Karen Q required surgery due to a fracture to her lateral malleolus which is the bone on the outside of the ankle joint.

Diva Dirt wishes Rachael Evers a healthy and quick recovery.

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