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Random Observations from Last Night’s Raw

The random observations column is back with a bang, as I take you through Raw by way of my brain!

* Gail Bella, anyone? All she needed really was a matching outfit.
* Speaking of her outfit, I can’t help but feel there may have been a little more on show than just her legs in that initial backstage segment with Timbaland.
* The Bellas wearing pants is new.
* I couldn’t help but stare at Kelly Kelly‘s hair… it was like a bad perm from the 80s.
* Maryse‘s hair on the other hand, how is that practical for a wrestling match? I have wondered ever since she returned. It’s so long and always in her face.
* Did Michael Cole really say, “What a 2009 Kelly Kelly’s had?”  Am I missing something? Does she have another profession?
* Remember when you were kids and you had two action figures fight each other? Malibu Barbie vs French Barbie.
* Maryse’s pin on Kelly is a wrestling geek’s wet dream. Ain’t she thoughtful?
* Maryse’s sinister laugh however, is a wrestling geek’s nightmare.
* I was hoping she would sneak in an “A-wooo” ala Shakira in She-Wolf.
* Oh hell to the naw with those crazy Kathy Bates eyes [see above]. Men, do not cheat on Maryse… this is what you will deal with.
* Why do all of Maryse’s feuds have to center around who’s sexier?
* Oh that Michael Cole, he is hi-larious isn’t he? “Maryse is extremely dangerous.”
* I can’t take the whole ~dangerous~ Maryse shtick seriously. I mean really, would you be scared if a bleach blonde, tanned-to-the-point-of-orange chick came running at you?
* Maybe if she was running at you with fake tan.
* The Miz and Maryse, huh? Who needs tanning beds when you can just rub up on each other?!
* I think that’s Miz’s idea of foreplay.

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