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Random Observations from Raw [August 17th, 2009]


So because I like to indulge myself in time-wasting, I thought I would do another round of random observations from last night’s Raw:

– Did we transport to WrestleMania 22?
– And if we did, they can’t edit that out on the DVD because there won’t be one!
– But they did try and edit it out of the Raw photos on No Mick Kick or DDT pictures. You can take away the evidence but you can’t take away our memories!
– Yes forever and a day, people will be able to relive ~that night~ on YouTube or just download the whole episode and keep it safe forever.
– One day, the world will be asking ~”Where were you on that night?”~
– Mickie’s face post-match looks like Charlize Theron in Monster.
– Oh what I’d pay to see the atmosphere backstage afterwards. I’m sure it would be even better than the main event.
– Something tells me this wasn’t what Judy Garland had in mind when she said, “Meet me in St. Louis.”

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