Friday, December 8, 2023

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Random: “Screw You Bitch!”, Attacking Old Ladies And More!

WARNING: Randomness Ahead!

As I was trolling Youtube for videos of my favorite Divas, I found an absolute gem and I just had to share it with you guys. First, a little backstory.

Mickie James. Ex-psycho/stalker. 4 time WWE Womens Champion. Former TNA Knockout?! *gasp*. While it may be no surprise to fellow Mickie marks like myself, before Mickie was the buxom bombshell we know today she was a scrappy, young upstart on TNA’s roster known as Alexis Laree. And boy did she have a mouth on her. Which brings us to my hidden Youtube treasure. Check out this clip of ‘Alexis’ telling poor Goldylocks off in one of her first appearances in TNA.


I know this was random but it was just so damn funny. My favorite part was Goldylocks’ expression. Owned. And did you hear Mickie’s cute lil’ southern accent? Personally I would like to see some of this tough, slightly bitchy Mickie in WWE, as she’s way overdue for a character overhaul.

What? What was that? You’d like another? Why sure! Here’s another clip of Mickie letting Goldylocks have it, followed promptly by Jeff Jarrett putting her in her place.



I have to say, she had that coming. Attacking old ladies, Mickie?! Shame on you! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that blast from the past. Leave your thoughts on old Mickie in the comments.

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