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SHIMMER Spotlight: Cheerleader Melissa


You know what time it is people! Really? You don’t? Well I’ll clue you in. It’s time your weekly dose of SHIMMER goodness. Every Thursday or Friday, I’ll be bringing you profiles on the hard hitting ladies of SHIMMER. Everyone from the major players like MsChif to the up and coming rookies like Ashley Lane and Portia Perez. So lets get to the good stuff, guys.

Name: Cheerleader Melissa

Aliases: Raisha Saeed

Age: 26

Entrance Theme: “#1 Da Woman” by Tricky

Finisher(s): Curb Stomp; Air Raid Crash; Kudo Driver

Accomplishments: APW Future Champion (2 times); Chickfight 5 and 7 Winner; Chickfight Transatlantic Champion; Ranked #28 on the PWI Female 50; TNA Knockout

Okay, so I cheated a bit with this one as Cheerleader Melissa is already a part of TNA’s roster as Raisha Saeed, but she deserves to be recognized for the gimmick that brought her to the dance: The Cheerleader.

Unbeknownst to many, Melissa is a second generation wrestler. Picking up the business from her dad, Melissa started out as a valet and had her first match at the tender age of 17. Ever since she’s been a force to be reckoned with. After being trained by the likes of Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson, Melissa trained in Japan and The UK honing her skill. After a name for herself on the independent circuit, the fierce beauty joined the ranks of SHIMMER.

Melissa made her SHIMMER debut on Volume 1 in a losing effort against MsChif. This match sparked a rivalry that spread over several volumes of SHIMMER as well as other promotions. However on Volume 8 the rivals put their differences aside to take on common enemies, The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew (Lacey and Rain). Although  the lost, the two decided to remain a team and went on to gain several victories. During her tenure in SHIMMER, Melissa also wrestled a match on Sunday Night Heat against Victoria under her real name: Melissa Anderson

As of late Melissa has been competing in TNA as the mysterious Syrian manager of  Awesome Kong. I would personally love to see Raisha go bye-bye and see CM make a debut. I was never a fan of the Saeed character and the fake accent. I would even like to see her on ECW, taking on the newly extreme Natalya and Katie Lea.

So what do guys say? Lose the burqa? Stick with Kong? Get extreme? None of the above? Sound off in the comments. As usual, here’s a few vids:

PS: Make sure you watch the last vid. The spot at 1:48 is SICK!


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