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Raw Discussion Post: 07.04.22

Tonight we will witness the fallout from this past weekend’s premium live event, Money in the Bank. The biggest winner of the night was certainly Liv Morgan who was a Raw Superstar but now will be on SmackDown.

Last week on Raw was the go home show where we saw Alexa Bliss take her first singles loss since returning to Morgan which is what started a catapult to Morgan’s victories on Saturday.

Becky Lynch was also the last woman to qualify for the MITB match last Monday and ironically was the woman that Morgan thwarted to win the briefcase over the weekend. Lynch continues her spiral to the bottom and further away from the Raw Women’s Title. Morgan also having her first championship match against Lynch at the beginning of the year was poetic for them to be the two at the end of the MITB match climbing the ladders.

Lynch continued to have her troubles with Asuka at MITB but kept her away from the final moments of the match with a leg drop onto a ladder set up between the ring apron and the announce desk.

With Money in the Bank now behind us, tonight’s show should be interesting. At Money in the Bank we had two successful title defenses, a cash in, and a new champ. Not only did Morgan defeat six other woman to become Ms. Money in the Bank but later in the night she cashed in on Ronda Rousey becoming the new SmackDown Women’s Champion(insert you deserve it chants here). There is no word at this time if Morgan will give a farewell on tonight’s Raw or we will have to wait until Friday’s SmackDown to see her.

We also saw Bianca Belair defeat Carmella with the latter attacking the champion after their match. How will Bianca Belair retaliate after she was blindsided? Is Carmella still gunning for Belair or will we have a new opponent for SummerSlam.

SummerSlam will be here quicker than you think. On July 30 the show will take place. It has been reported that The Judgment Day willa be on the show tonight. Will Rhea Ripley, who was Belair’s original opponent, be back from her injuries or will she not be factored into SummerSlam at this time?

As always, feel free to comment on tonight’s show in the comment section below.

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