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Raw Redux (August 21st, 2017): One More Chance

The “Biggest Party of the Summer” saw Sasha Banks win her fourth RAW Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss. As the dust settles from SummerSlam, I’m sure we can all expect the cunning “Goddess” of WWE to find her way to try and stay on top of the division. Let’s see what happened on this week’s RAW Redux!

Near the start of the show, we see Emma once again moaning backstage with Dana Brooke. This time, she is over how everyone keeps on talking about Sasha’s title win. She claims that she should have got that opportunity, which Dana agrees with… but she had that opportunity and lost her triple threat qualifier match. Emma turns her attention to Dana’s triple threat and claims that her competition was easier, including Nia Jax. She claims that Nia isn’t the “sharpest tool in the shed” and follows Alexa’s lead.

Unlucky for the Aussie Superstar as Nia Jax is right behind her and has heard anything. She claims that she will change #GiveEmmaAChance to #GiveEmmaCPR after their match.

As expected, Nia makes quick work of Emma in their match. Emma does start out the blocks quickly and tries to get in as much offence as she can, but it’s not enough to cause any damage as Nia powers through. The finish comes with Nia hitting a Samoan Drop on Emma to literally squash another of her “chances”.

Throughout the show, we are warned that the new RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will be holding a celebration!

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring, once again with the Championship around her waist. She takes to the mic to voice her history with Brooklyn, from her big matches with Bayley and Charlotte Flair (to which she throws out a message of Ric Flair wishing him well!). Sasha continues to say that Brooklyn also proved that there is no “Goddess” in WWE and just a “Legit Boss”. She claims that she doesn’t try to talk her way out of Championship defences and doesn’t need Nia Jax to have her back.

This brings out the former Champion, Alexa Bliss who comes out to question if Sasha really does want to defend her Championship the right way… because she’s never successfully retained the title before. Sasha hits back, claiming that she’s made Alexa run away and tap out during their previous encounters – so she issues her a challenge to have use her rematch clause tonight!

After toying with the idea, Alexa says that she doesn’t want to give the Brooklyn fanboys an Alexa Bliss Celebration and she isn’t in the mood to break Sasha’s heart tonight. Instead, she’s happy to use her rematch clause next week where she’ll show Sasha to be the “Legit Loser”. It looks like the challenge is accepted as Sasha raises her new Championship above her head and Alexa looks on. it will be Banks VS Bliss one more time next week!

Thoughts: As seen from my predictions, I was calling for a Sasha Banks win because I feel we needed a change in the division. Alexa has been a strong Champion, but the heel dynamic going against Sasha and Bayley needed some changing. It would also be a way to revitalise Alexa Bliss, since her character has slowly started to hit a stand still. Seeing her go from a confident Champion back to a conniving challenger should hopefully open up new angles over the next couple weeks.

Also, as I called months ago, Summerslam seemed to signify that the smarks have fully turned on Sasha and Bayley. It’s been terrible booking which has caused this, but now it can really harm the division as a whole if the crowd can’t take two of their most popular women seriously. The RAW women’s division is two-tiered and if the top tier of women are getting the wrong reactions, then that’s only going to trickle down. If the crowds are too busy booing Bayley and cheering Alexa, they won’t even care to react to someone like Emma or Mickie James, as we saw in last week’s match.

Right now, we have a face Champion which opens the picture up for the heels… unless we get my dream Sasha VS Mickie match, but I won’t hold my breath with that one. I’m pretty sure we can gather that Nia Jax is going to be in the title picture somewhere and if it’s as soon as next week then I won’t be surprised. However, right now the dark horse is Emma’s losing streak and the direction that it’s going in. It’s a slow burner program, but it’s definitely catching on so right now all eyes are on the heels of the RAW division.

Do you think Emma should continue this losing streak? Will Nia be getting involved in next week’s match? Do you think next week’s match could be the main event? Voice off in the comments below!

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