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Raw Redux (August 22nd, 2011): A Solid Match And One Wicked Love Triangle Make For A Perfect Edition of Raw

Sunshine and rainbows. Puppies and kittens. Raindrops on roses. These are just a few of my favorite things. And last night, my favorite things gained another addition; soap-opera like editions of Monday Night Raw. In my humble opinion, randomocity makes the world a better place and Raw had a little bit of everything this week. We got Divas, storyline continuation, a fierce halter-top worn by Vickie Guerrero. There was a lot. To sum it all up in one dramatic little phrase, Raw was perfection this week. I almost want to name it Dolph Ziggler…

This week we’re kicking things off with our Diva match and surprise, surprise… it was filled with a little bit of controversy. Earlier in the evening it was announced that Brie Bella would be taking on Eve Torres in a singles match, but in all actuality it was Nikki who wrestled tonight. She took on Eve, who had her Diva’s Champion BFF, Kelly Kelly, with her. Nikki and Brie were in the ring when Raw returned from break, and Eve and Kelly walked onto the stage.

Is it just me, or is this Diva’s Championship reign making our sweet Kelly a little cocky?

Anyway, as Eve and Kelly make their way to the ring, Michael Cole lets us know that earlier in the day, Beth Phoenix and Natalya taped a special little message for the fans. Beth says people think the Divas of Doom want to be pretty, popular, and have voluptuous bodies like Kelly, and Natalya denies those accusations. Natalya then says that neither herself, nor Beth, are going to tell the world what they want.

Yes, that’s it.

The bell sounds and Nikki immediately goes on offense. Eve fights back and sends Nikki into the corner, but when she charges her opponent, Nikki is able to send her over the top rope. Eve skillfully lands on the apron but before she can capitalize on catching Nikki off guard, Brie runs interference. Nikki is able to hurt Eve using the ropes and the Colorado native falls to the outside. Nikki distracts the referee for a second to allow Brie to get a cheap shot in, and then goes to the outside to grab Eve. The older twin tosses her opponent back inside the ring and begins to work on wearing Eve down. Kelly rallies the crowd behind Eve, and the ex-Diva Search winner begins to fight back. She manages to slam Nikki into the back and both ladies are down.

They take their time gathering their energy, and both end up back on their feet at the same time. It’s Eve who takes over this time and she finally grounds Nikki. Eve decides to get the crowd going and unfortunately, we all know what that means. She does the infamous booty pop that we all love oh so freakin’ much. It’s followed up with a standing moonsault, and Eve goes for the cover. She almost gets a two count.

Eve gets back up to her feet and fends off Nikki, then heads for the top rope. We all know she’s going for her moonsault finisher, but Brie interjects herself into the mix again. Eve is distracted and this allows Nikki to jerk her foe off the ropes. Eve takes a terrible tumble and Nikki goes for the cover. Eve is somehow able to kick out and Nikki is not happy about that. She yells at the referee but nonetheless goes back to work. Eve fights her off and sends her back into the ropes, and when Nikki comes back at her, Eve is able to get her with a pretty looking swinging neckbreaker thing. Nikki is down for the count and Eve picks up a solid win. Kelly gets into the ring to celebrate with her bestie while Brie tries to check on her sister. For whatever reason, Brie’s presence annoys the champ and Kelly takes it upon herself to lay Brie out with her finisher.

Ummm, okay. Random.

Eve and Kelly celebrate and just like de ja vu, its cut short by an appearance from DoD. Beth and Natalya walk out onto the stage and clap for their rivals. An interesting little stare-down takes place and that’s all she wrote folks.

Same ole, same ole. The match itself was okay this week. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate. I suppose it served its purpose and really, there’s no other Divas on Raw to use in matches right now. I don’t mind it. What I do mind is that Nattie and Beth keep showing up and not really doing anything. It was okay one week, this week… ehhh. I think their promo should have taken place after the match and given us a little more to go on. My mild complaints are probably do to the fact I lack patience and I want this story to progress. If they want to take the time to develop it more, fine. I won’t complain. Someone needs to take their time with the Divas and if I have to see Beth and Nattie stand on the stage and clap for three more weeks, I’ll suck it up. Big SmackDown this week, followed by Raw, and a live Tuesday SmackDown. So fingers crossed that something amazing happens on one of these three shows.

The on-going sage of Vickie and Dolph continued this week as well. Last week, our sexy United States champion was upstaged by Vickie’s ringside antics. Those antics caught of the eye of the All American American Jack Swagger and an idea was thrown to Vickie backstage by the aforementioned Swagger.

This segment is amazing. Vickie is such a vixen. Part of me wants to scream at her and be like “how dare you come out and announce Swagger when Dolph is your man” and the other part of me wants to stand up applaud how vicious and ambitious she is. Every manager should have more than one client and I don’t see anything wrong with surrounding yourself with handsome blond men. Business is business, and there’s nothing wrong with mixing a little bit of pleasure in it as well. Besides, a woman has to be able to look at the people she works with, right? All superficialism aside, Vickie tripping and just sitting here was brilliant. It was only natural that Swagger jumped to the conclusion that Dolph pushed her. And the fact that Dolph and Vickie continue bicker makes me think that Vickie is about to stab her champion in the back. I fully expect to see this continue to Night of Champions where Dolph is going to have to defend his title. Swagger and the equally yummy Alex Riley are his likely opponents and it wouldn’t shock me one iota to see Vickie cost the Dolph the match.

Of course if I were Vickie, I would try and lure Alex into my clutches as well. A woman can never surround herself with too many men, especially ones who are talented and destined for glory.

That’s it for this week guys. Overall, I LOVED Raw this week and I hope this momentum keeps on keeping on. I’ll be back next week and until then… Cryssi out!

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