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Raw Redux (August 29th, 2011): A Little Twin Magic Takes The Bellas To Victory

Perhaps it’s the psychotic fan girl inside of me, but in my opinion Raw was complete garbage last night. I realize that I have a slightly biased opinion but I can say with all honesty that the Divas were one of the very few bright spots. Sure, you can make the case that you’re sick of seeing Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and Brie and Nikki Bella face each other with the Divas of Doom, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, just watching, and that would be completely fine. It is getting redundant but at least last night we got some type of storyline explanation from Beth and Natalya. We also got a fairly decent match with a surprising outcome, and yes, Vickie Guerrero was involved her own drama as well. Lets recap all the action!

Kelly and her BFF, Eve, make their way to the ring first. They are followed by the Bella twins who are dressed the same this week, so it’s quite obvious that twin magic is going to be used this week! The bell rings and Kelly is immediately in Brie’s face. They go back and forth until Kelly shoves her opponent away and starts nailing her with some nice looking forearm shots. Brie doesn’t take to kindly to 2K’s attempted offense and she fires back by taking Kelly down by her hair. Brie stomps away at the champ and hits her in the back with a stiff looking kick. She follows it up by stepping on Kelly’s hair and pulling her up by the arms. Ouch. Brie lifts Kelly in the air by her arms and slams her down, laughing at all the damage she has caused 2K thus far.

While the match is going on, the camera switches to the backstage area where Beth and Natalya are watching on a monitor. Natalya mentions that “they’re just as much part of the problem” and Beth just seems to want to rant to about Kelly. She says that “they” cheer her every week, making her popular and she just doesn’t get it. Beth and Natalya claim they’re not jealous but they say they’re good Divas and they should be in the ring having the match.

I can only assume that “they” is referring to the Bella twins in the first reference and in the second, the fans. Although after listening to the little promo the second time, “they” seems to directed towards the fans for both. Personally, I think referencing the Bellas is more effective but nonetheless..

There is a match going on and Nikki is able to get a cheap shot in on Kelly during the DoD conversation. Eve goes over to confront Nikki and while the referee has been busy with Brie, Kelly has been laying against the ropes. Brie goes to slam her leg into the blond, but Kelly is able to move and just seeing Brie in pain is enough of a motivational tool to get Kelly back into the match. She mounts Brie and begins beating her down, but luckily the younger twin is able to throw Kelly off. Both girls get back to their feet and of course, Kelly has to slap Brie on the booty to get her attention. Brie acts like this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her and it leads to her swinging at Kelly. Kelly is able to block it and send Brie to the ropes. She wants to whip her across the ring, but Brie reverses it and sends Kelly flying instead. The champ is ready and is able to use Brie’s momentum to her advantage and send the ex-title holder to the mat with a badly done head-scissors.

Oh well.

Brie rolls to the ropes and Kelly goes to capitalize, but Brie sends her crashing hard to the outside. Kelly lands with an exclaimated “ooph!” Nikki runs over to Kelly, but Eve takes off in Nikki’s direction to protect her friend. Brie sees what’s going on and Eve is taken out with a baseball slide that hits her right in the side of the head. Brie taunts Eve on the outside and Kelly tries to decapitate her opponent with a nasty clothesline. Kelly sends Brie back into the ring and goes to check on Eve. The referee is counting out Kelly with his back turned to Brie to she slithers out of the ring, Nikki goes in, and oooooh boy. Twin Magic is about to go down!

Kelly crawls back into the ring, no doubt looking to finish off the twin whom she assumes is Brie. Sadly for our champion, it’s not Brie. It’s Nikki and she ends Kelly’s winning streak three seconds later after nailing her with the Bella Buster. Brie climbs into the ring and the twins celebrate beside the champ’s fallen form like they just won the World Cup.

(Funny note, watching the replay of the match breakdown, the baseball slide missed Eve completely in a great LOL moment. Not going to lie, I laughed out loud.)

LOVED this outcome for so many reasons. First, it shows us that the Kelly/Eve tandem is not invincible which is the way it’s been going since 2K won her championship. This is a loss that needed to happen. It also makes me think that perhaps the Bella twins may end up in this storyline. They have heat with Kelly and Eve, obviously, but what about Beth and Natalya? They’re not wrestling because the Bellas keep taking their spot. How long is it going to be before they snap and go after the Bellas? I really don’t see Kelly and Eve coming to the defense of the Bellas, and I don’t want to see the Bellas go back face… not that Divas of Doom are actually heels. It’s all so confusing and that’s not a bad thing. At least it’s getting us thinking about the Divas and wondering what direction this storyline is going in. A lot of people think the Beth/Kelly feud is kind of fizzling out, and that’s fine. I don’t agree. I think they’re going for a slow build to make this actually mean something in the long run and isn’t that what we want for the Divas?

As wrestling fans we’re programmed to be passionate and impatient, and at times, downright negative about the stuff we view on television. It’s kind of hard not to be that way. I know that I absolutely care far to much about scripted sports entertainment but when you invest your time and energy into liking so and so, you get upset when you feel like they’re not treated fairly. It always seems as if the Divas aren’t treated fairly, and trust me, I’m not saying that things are on a permanent upswing. But in this case, this little feud or whatever you want to call it, the slow progression and lack of immediate action on the part of Beth/Nattie is not a bad thing unless this gets randomly dropped. Honestly, I don’t see them randomly dropping this angle. I believe they want it to succeed. Beth and Natalya will only be able to take so much of seeing the “pretty people” dominate the television time. And finally when they snap, it will be epic. And it will be beautiful. Surely that type of pay-off will be worth it. Personally, I can’t wait.

(If only I could take my own advice when it comes to other aspects of the WWE… *shakes fist* “Deceived by my eyes and all I was taught I should be… opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be…)

Anyway, everybody’s favorite love triangle continued to build last night, and no, there was no signs whatsoever of ‘domestic violence’ tendencies by Dolph Ziggler. It’s completely laughable that some people are hating on this storyline because Vickie tripped last week and set Dolph up to look like he pushed her. Vickie was just being a vixen but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Lets check out the latest antics in this on-going drama.

skip ahead to :22

Technically, everything got started earlier in the night when poor Dolph had to job to the man who stole Christian’s title lost to World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a predictable an exciting match. (God, I’m really freaking bitter…) Bias aside, the match really was great but despite all that, Dolph’s loss didn’t settle to well with Vickie. Heck, our favorite cougar even did her best to help her man win. So later on in the night, it was only natural that Vickie checked out Swagger’s match with Fake Cara. Swagger did watch Dolph loser earlier in the night.

Long story short, Dolph came out, cost the All American American a much needed victory and demanded that Vickie leave with him right now. He would storm to the back and a few minutes later, Vickie would turn around and leave as well.

So, not much going on with these three this week. Maybe another slow build? Again, I don’t mind this and no, I’m not bothered by Dolph’s jealous rages. It’s not domestic violency, people. He’s not done anything to Vickie. She’s the one who set him up last week when she failed to get up and that’s fine. Vickie truly has done a lot for the career of Dolph Ziggler and it’s natural that he would feel threatened at this point. However, he should also see how having Swagger around could benefit him. Where this is going is anyone guess and I suppose if something happens “domestic violency” I’ll be eating a slice of humble pie, but whatever. This is PG-WWE. And either way, who cares?

Lets be honest, I was kind of just enjoying Dolph under the Sin Cara mood lighting, haha.

I realize that this has been a rather feisty little Redux but somethings have gotten me kind of fired up lately. At the end of the day, it’s only my opinion and yes, you guys are entitled to yours. I do, however, ask that you express those opinions in an adult matter and most importantly, do not hurl insults at one another. As much as I bitch, moan, and groan about things not going my way in regards to the product, it’s never personal towards the performers. These women and men go out every single night and give it their all to entertain us and none of us know what goes on backstage. It’s important to remember that what these people do isn’t easy. If it was, then everyone would go out there and do it. Some may be better than others, but every one of them works hard every single day. You can dislike their characters, but always respect them as people.

Until next week… Cryssi out!

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