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Raw Redux (December 15th, 2014): Lana Meets Jericho, Brie Reacquaints Herself With Nattie’s Sharpshooter

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Raw Redux which features an always welcome dose of Y2J, Christ Jericho. That’s the messiah’s new name. Y2J has more charisma in his little finger than The New Day in their collective three bodies, so I am pretty excited to see that he was interacting with Lana and Rusev of all people last night.

In addition to Lana getting some sweet, sweet mic time, Naomi made it two weeks in a row of not being a mute (she says about two words but still) in a backstage segment and we were also treated to a tag team match pitting Alicia Fox and Natalya against Brie Bella, and the WWE Divas Champion, Nikki Bella. Throw not one but two Rosa Mendes sightings and some unexpected appearances from a trifecta of indy talent as Rosebuds and we have bagged ourselves quite the present with Christmas just around the corner.

Our first notable sighting of the night (not counting Lilian Garcia for a brief second behind Dolph Ziggler) is of the one, and the only, Rosa Mendes. Rosa is stroking Fandango until Chris Jericho shows up and the two argue over the Slammy Award they were nominated for. Or something like that. Jericho saying “Shut the hell, up!” is always cool mind.

Also, what is it with Fandango? Is he that irresistible that Summer, Layla and now Rosa are all supposedly romantically involved with him? Who knew being a bad dancer and acting so creepy could get you the girls? Perhaps I’ll try it…

Next up, Renee Young has fun backstage with The New Day. Not in the way Rosa and Fandango were having fun though. I say fun, but well, talking about Big E‘s sweat is a bit weird.

It is match time in the arena and as a now shared titantron graphic tells us, The Bella Twins are in the house. If all WWE are going to give us regarding them being back together is that basic ‘explanation’ from Brie last night at TLC, then I will never buy into them as a pair, or Brie’s solo character. The writing has been absolute garbage in that regard. After the break, The Bellas’ opponents are already in the ring as we see the finest face-to-heel flip-flopper, Alicia Fox and Natalya.

Nikki and Alicia start the match yet Nikki turns her attentions to Natalya first, whacking the third generation Diva right in the mush with a forearm. Alicia forearms Nikki back, yet the tide soon changes as Nikki hits a really nice spinebuster on Alicia. A heel Brie means some monotone yelling of “that’s right!” on the apron unfortunately happens, yet it soon stops as she is tagged into the match.

The Bellas hit a double elbow on Alicia and Brie picks up a two count following the tag team move. Brie yanks Alicia with a chinlock as Michael Cole refers to Natalya as Tyson Kidd’s husband – LOL. After breaking out, Alicia tries to mount offence yet is shut down with a crisp clothesline from Brie. Mrs. D.Bry then reverts back to her chinlock, and if utilising a chinlock is all you are going to do, her and Alicia are selling perfectly. They are making it look at least somewhat painful so I think them for that, because as regular readers will know, I hate basic, boring chinlocks!

After hitting a split-leg jawbreaker, Alicia manages to make a tag to Nattie and business picks up! Natalya outlandishly bashes Brie around like she’s in a real-life form of Tekken, and then she proceeds to ram Brie right into Nikki, knocking the champion from the apron. Brie slaps the stuffing out of Natalya’s cheek, yet in a gorgeous example of a reversal, Nattie reverses a Bella Buster attempt into the Sharpshooter and she makes Brie tap.

After the match, Tyson is seen checking on Nikki and her dodgy shin. Natalya isn’t happy yet Tyson soon worms his way back to the ring to celebrate. Tyson explained his actions in a tweet:

Seems plausible I guess. Maybe I’m being too hard on Tyson…. psyche! He is a douche.

Next up, it is time for Lana and Rusev to share the mic with yet another WWE legend, one of the most charismatic superstars of all time, Chris Jericho. The guest GM of this week’s Raw welcomes everyone to the Highlight Reel before introducing the United States Champion. Lana runs down Chris Jericho’s intelligence and Jack Swagger‘s everything and asks that if any sensible, worthwhile questions can possibly come out of Y2J’s mouth, then her and Rusev will answer them.

Jericho mocks the Ravishing Russian’s business attire before linking her constant anger with her humongous bun hairstyle pulling her head back. I’m listening and laughing. Keep going Christoph! The next bit had me in hysterics, as Jericho gives Lana a bloody brilliant new nickname and suggests that the US Champ and communist tramp have a little somethin’ somethin’ going on!


A series of shut ups follow until Rusev says he wants to get serious. He doesn’t act on his words however when he is faced with a potential United States Championship challenger, Ryback! As much as I don’t like Ryback, WWE are pushing him well and I believe that his involvement in the US Title picture is definitely elevating the belt. Do I want him to win, take the belt and end Rusev’s undefeated streak? Hell no. But do I think it could happen? Definitely, and I’m a fan of that. Let’s see if Lana can get some personality out of Ryback. Or perhaps he’ll Shellshock her. I wouldn’t mind seeing that!

Our next female wrestler sightings are Leah Von Dutch and Taeler Hendrix. They certainly drew quite a big straw as they got to be involved in a backstage segment as Rosebuds instead of just being in an entrance with Adam Rose. And wait, is that Heidi Lovelace in a green wig? Barely recognised her! All three ladies were so charismatic so congratulations. I hope they all got tryouts. I hope all of you readers vote for my interview with LVD as part of the Diva Dirt Fan Awards too. Go on, you know you want to.

Next up, Rosa Mendes is back again (her 13 fans will be giddy with excitement!) and she watches her beau Fandango get utterly destroyed by Roman Reigns. It may have been worth staying off TV Rosa!

Our final segment of the night features Naomi, who yet again, is wearing her ring gear for absolutely no reason. Was she robbed of her normal clothes or does she has really, really bad luck with airport baggage terminals? Nevertheless, she bumps into Miz and he offers a spot on Miz TV on tomorrow night’s Main Event. I am loving this storyline!

Thoughts: Things are starting to freshen up a little bit around here, aren’t they?! There is a potential shift in who will be fighting for the Divas Title, which I am strongly in favor of, Naomi is getting a seriously juicy secondary storyline and Lana got to share the floor with another legendary voice of WWE. I’m pleased with last night’s Raw.

Regarding the match, whilst I despite Brie Bella’s character, the match was short, yet incredibly sweet. Nikki’s spinebuster and Natalya’s reversal at the end were highlights, and although it is still a joke that the Divas got about two minutes for their match, they did really well with the time they were given. We also got yet another layer to Tyson and Nattie’s story so I’m chuffed with that. I just hope it leads to something good!

As for Naomi, getting a slot on Miz TV is actually quite a big deal. When was the last time a Diva was the sole guest on a WWE talk show segment? I honestly cannot remember at all. I am so glad that WWE are investing in Naomi as she is by far one of the top three female wrestlers on the main roster in my opinion. Let’s hope she can deliver tomorrow night. Join Eleri for that!

Until next week, have a jolly ol’ festive period!

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