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Raw Redux Does Superstars (May 5th, 2011)

This week on WWE Superstars, ‘The Paparazzi Princess’ Melina, takes on long time rival ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix, in singles action. Can Beth score a win in her first match back on the Raw roster or will Melina send the firebird down in flames? Check out the match below:

Thoughts: Another very strong showing from the Raw Divas this week’s Superstars. Whenever we the phrase “Beth vs Melina”, I’m sure most Diva fans’ minds go back to that excellent ‘I Quit’ match at Extreme Rules and rightly so. While I won’t say this match was as entertaining as that one, it was excellent in it’s own right.

As I said last week, Melina seems to have found a moveset that works really well for her, after some initial trial and error. Her moves are a lot more crisp and clean now, and it’s fun to watch her in the ring once again. As for her attitude, it’s back and just as bad as ever. This is the Melina that everyone loves to hate and I hope she can keep up the good work.

As for Beth, it’s kind of odd to see her on the defense, as she usually has a physical advantage over the rest of the Divas, but I think she played her role well. I also loved seeing her bend Melina nearly in half with that submission toward the end, and the reversal of Melina’s kick into the Glam Slam was pretty impressive, as well.

As I said earlier, a fantastic showing from Beth and Melina this week. I’m hoping that these two will be able to put on a show like this someday soon on the main show.

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