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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (Dec. 31st, 2009): A-Fox vs A-List

In possibly her final match for a few months [*sniffle*], Divas Champion Melina took on a familiar challenger, Alicia Fox. Given the great matches that these two had earlier this year on SmackDown and also given the fact that they happen to be two of my favourite Divas, what better way to end 2009? Watch below:

The perky Alicia Fox has been working on her entrance incorporating elements to make it unique, though it is a shame that she continues to insist on wearing that ring attire. It really does look like it’s made up of mini-reflector lights like the ones you use on your bike.

Alicia and Melina begin with some smiley taunts. Is this a toothpaste commercial? The bell rings as the duo engage in a long ass lock-up before Alicia pushes Melina. Alicia goes for a clothesline but Melina uses the Ma-Trish to counter and kicks Alicia in the stomach. Melina hits a forearm but eventually Alicia manages to lock Melina into a northern lights suplex into an bridged pin. As I’ve gushed before, no one hits this move like Alicia and the bridge always looks great. Melina gets up and kinda contorts her body and wraps it around Alicia in an overhead takeover. The two Divas land on the canvas with Melina on top who goes for a pin attempt. Alicia kicks out and Melina flips herself over. Steady there, Melina.

A peturbed Alicia Fox whisks out of the ring and storms off to the back. Don’t see that in a Divas match! Melina runs after Foxy in fast pursuit and drags her by the hair back into the ring. As Melina tries to get into the ring however, Alicia kicks her off the apron which is sold well by Melina. Alicia throws Melina back into the ring and goes for a pin attempt but to no avail. Fox now takes control by throwing Melina into the corner and tossing her across the ring by the hair. Alicia then applies a submission move contorting Melina’s body, and slams her face first down into the mat.

Melina fights back with elbows but Fox again slams her down to the mat. Fox hits a suplex on Melina over her knee and then stretches Melina across it. Melina fights back with knees to Alicia’s head using her flexibility and kicks her in the head before taking Fox off her feet. Melina drop-toe-holds Fox onto the middle rope before hitting her patented knee smash and backing her into the corner and hitting her corner knee smash. The Divas Champ lets out a primal scream before hitting another old favourite, her hair smash. From the corner, Melina runs at Alicia who hits her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Melina uses the ropes to help her up, Alicia runs at her and Melina moves out of the way. Alicia is in pole position for the Last Call as Melina jumps onto her back and hits her trademark move for the win.

This was definitely not a bad match but I can’t say I felt the excitement factor, especially given the two Divas. I liked the beginning of the match up to and including Alicia running out of the arena, from there however I think it slowed down and wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. This could have been more fast paced. There were also times where the transition between moves came across as rushed and weren’t as crisp as they should have been. The moves were sound and the Last Call at the end was great.

It’s nice to see two of my favourite Divas in a lengthier match than usual and if this is Melina’s last TV match for some time, I’m glad we got to see her in something other than a 2-minute crapfest on Raw. And there you have it, the last Divas match of 2009!

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