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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (February 3rd, 2011): Melina May Be Bad, But She’s Perfectly Good At It

Just one week after being unceremoniously dropped from the Divas Championship title picture, Melina is relegated to WWE Superstars in order to work her way back up the ladder. Props to WWE, however, as we were given a fresh new match as Melina faces off against Tamina. Despite being on the roster for nearly a year now, this is our first opportunity to see Tamina in a full-length singles match. How will she fare?

Watch below:

The former Divas Champ is out first sporting her new attitude, followed by Santino’s sweetheart, Tamina now with her own entrance music and even new ring gear!

The heel Melina is feeling playful, sliding in and out of the ring, attempting to play games with the second generation Diva. Melina backs into the corner and Tamina runs after her but the referee tries to keep them apart. Tamina grabs Melina’s leg, slamming her against the mat and then hitting a slingshot. While usually, this would result in the recipient hitting their head against the top turnbuckle, Melina just kind of stumbles on the floor for what seems like an eternal second. Awkward.

Tamina grabs Melina by the hair and brings her into the center of the ring but the former champion kicks her across the midsection and jumps on her back, but Tamina eventually shakes her off. Powerslam by the Samoan followed by an arm wrench. Tamina then barges Melina down to the mat. Melina starts fighting back with forearms but gets hit with a back elbow to the face. Melina hams it up in the corner, acting as though her face is injured and the referee checks on her. As Tamina comes at her, it seems Melina has been playing possum as she hits a big boot to Tamina.

The A-Lister’s in control now, screaming at her opponent and kicking her while she’s down. Melina then applies her patented submission, using the ropes to stretch out Tamina and wrapping her legs around her. Pin attempt but no dice.

Melina applies another submission on Tamina, trying to keep her grounded, but Tamina gets to her feet and begins elbowing Melina off of her back. She then gets the job done by grabbing hold of Melina and hitting her with a backbreaker over her knee. Tamina gets in some offense now, a clothesline, dropkick and a headbutt on the former Divas Champ.

Tamina runs Melina against the ropes and hoists her in the air before dropping her front-first. Tamina goes for a pin but Melina kicks out. The two Divas get to their feet, Melina is in the corner and Tamina runs at her with a splash but Melina moves out of the way. With Tamina dazed, Melina steps out to the other side of the ropes, hitting Tamina with a neckbreaker over the top rope.

It’s Sunset Split time and it’s all over!

So, did Tamina impress in her first ‘real’ outing? I’m not convinced. I didn’t feel this match was anything to write home about and Tamina lacks a ‘special’ quality about her or her move set, in my opinion. I felt there were a few awkward moments in this match where both Divas didn’t quite seem to be on the same page. Compared to the quality of matches we’ve seen on Superstars in the past few months — Gail vs Alicia last month rings a bell — this was disappointing. I did, however, enjoy Melina’s heel mannerisms in the ring. There’s an art to being a heel that Melina perfects. Up-and-coming Divas playing heels could learn a lot from her.

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