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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (March 10th, 2011): A Matter of the Hart

Looking like a modern day version of the Oddities, Natalya teamed up with two of Raw’s behemoths — The Great Khali and Mark Henry — to take on her recent rival Melina and her partners, William Regal and someone that Miss Neidhart is very familiar with: Tyson Kidd.

With two members of the now defunct Hart Dynasty in this match on opposing teams, this match certainly had some intrigue about it. Check it out below:

It’s the Divas who kick things off in this match as the former champions lock up but almost instantly, Natalya rolls up the A-Lister but it’s not going to be that easy! Melina kicks out at one.

The Latina shows some of that spicy temperament as they lock up again and Melina slams Nattie down to the canvas by her hair. Adding the exclamation point, she lets out one of her patented wild screams in Natalya’s direction.

Natalya, however, thinks quickly and takes down Melina and brings herself back up. She locks Melina into a side-headlock and slams her against the mat. She continues to apply the headlock but the flexible Melina wraps her legs around Natalya’s neck in a headscissors and applies the pressure but Natalya manages to kip up showing off her own athleticism.

Slap by Natalya followed by an attempted clothesline. Melina runs the ropes and falls right into Natalya’s arms as she takes her down by the legs and seemingly has her in Sharpshooter position. Melina is having none of it and studiously wriggles across the ring to grab the bottom rope.

The referee breaks the pair up and they retreat into separate corners but not for long. Melina’s fiery side is on display again as she runs and lunges at Nattie and they begin scuffling at the side of the ring. They roll around the ring a little bit in catfight mode before being separated before Tyson Kidd blind tags himself into the match and effectively puts a stop to the Divas action for the evening.

Kidd shoos his former stablemate out of the ring but Natalya gets her revenge at the end of the match. After being beaten by Khali and splashed on by Mark Henry, Natalya locks in her Sharpshooter on her former Hart Dynasty cohort.

Adding insult to injury on his loss, Kidd’s partners turned on him as William Regal applied his patented Regal Stretch before Melina hit him with a hefty slap.

Bad times for Tyson Kidd.

Despite not being particularly lengthy, the opening exchange between Natalya and Melina was really well done. It would be nice to see these two get the opportunity to have a lengthy one-on-one match which we didn’t get to see during their Divas Championship feud together. And it was also very cool to see Natalya apply the Sharpshooter on a dude!

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