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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (March 17th, 2011): Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night…

Hello all! Once again on Superstars, the Raw Divas are elevated to the main event in a match that pits Eve, Natalya, Gail and Tamina vs Melina, Alicia Fox and the Bella Twins. Watch below:

After making their entrances, all Divas are in their respective corners as Tamina starts off for the babyfaces and Brie for the heels.

The two sexy, smart and powerful Divas lock up in the center of the ring. Tamina pushes Brie back with great ease, showing off her strength. Brie takes a minute to regroup by the ropes before heading for one of the Pacific Islander’s legs only to be met with a headbutt for her trouble. Brie has had enough for the moment as she tags in the Fox-iest one of them all. Alicia steps in, narrowing her eyes at the babyface Diva and greeting her with a stiff kick to the quad which temporarily takes her opponent down. The redheaded Divas hits a few stiff arms to the back before bouncing off the ropes and straight into a hard shoulder block from Tamina.

The towering Diva grabs the evil Fox by the hair, dragging her back to the babyface corner, hitting a stiff arm to the bad and tagging in Gail Kim. Kim wrenches the arm of Alicia but is immediately slammed down on her back to break the hold. Alicia grabs hold of the midsection of her new opponent, lifting her up in what looks like a belly to back suplex but ends up taking Gail down onto her stomach. Miss Fox maintains the hold for a moment but the babyface Diva is able to maneuver herself out of the hold and gains the upper hand with a headlock.

As both return to a standing position, Alicia throws Gail into the ropes but is then met with a dropkick to the sternum. Gail feels the momentum on her side, nearly beheading her opponent with a nice sit-out clothesline. The first cover of the match is made by Gail, only to reach two. The babyface wrenches her opponent’s arm once again, as Alicia is dragged back to the babyface corner where the Queen of Harts is tagged in.

Natalya hits the ring, ready to go hitting a double suplex with Gail on Alicia. The lovely Hart Dynasty Diva attempts to end the match with a Sharpshooter but the cunning Fox shimmies herself over to the ropes as Natalya is forced to let go. A new heel enters the ring in Fox’s place as she tags in Nikki. Brie cheers on her sister as Nikki attempts a clothesline but is quickly outmaneuvered by the Queen of Harts into a roll up but is only able to get to the count of one.

Nikki is kicked in the gut and hit with a great body slam by Natalya. Natalya throws Nikki into the ropes, who reverses, but Natalya comes back with a sweet kick to twin number two’s head. Brie on the outside tries to get into the mix, distracting the babyface Diva as Nikki takes advantage and attacks from behind. The vicious assault continues with Natalya being choked against the bottom rope. The referee hits the four count and Nikki is told to break the hold.

The former Divas Champ attempts to regain her breath but Brie guillotines her over the bottom rope. Natalya lays in pain, holding her throat near the ring apron. Nikki comes back, kicking Natalya in the head as she tags her sister back in. Double trouble sends the the Queen of Harts’ chest first into the turnbuckle. Brie, in a cocky move, places her foot on her fallen opponent’s chest as Alicia Fox is tagged back into the match. Fox hits a hard knee to the chest of Natalya before exchanging the tag with Melina.

The A-Lister instantly goes on the attack, slamming Natalya’s head into the canvas. Melina looks down snidely before slamming her head into the canvas once more. The pain is aggravated even further when Melina drops down into a splits position with boot sliding roughly against her opponent’s face. The babyface Diva is rolled over and covered for the two count. Superstars heads to a commercial break one last time with the camera on Melina locking in a submission move on Natalya. As Superstars comes back, a fresh opponent is now in the ring with our babyface in peril, Natalya.

One of the Bellas has Natalya in a front face lock until Melina is tagged in once more. Bella holds the Canadian Diva in place as Melina kicks her in the gut. Natalya’s face is once again slammed into the canvas by the unrelenting heel. The A-Lister goes for the pin, getting a two count. Melina screams furiously as Nattie won’t stay down before hitting her with a stiff forearm. Melina is quickly caught off guard by a roll up from Natalya but the Paparazzi Princess is quick to break up the pin after one. Melina goes back on the attack, continuing the assault with yet another head slam into the canvas.

Melina then applies a chin-lock wearing down Natalya. Natalya begins fighting back, getting to her feet and slamming Melina against the mat. Out of desperation, our babyface in peril attempts an enzuiguri but misses as both end up lain on the canvas.

Natalya tries to reach out to Eve on the apron. At the very moment the tag was to Eve was to be made, she is pulled off the apron by a Bella. Tamina comes to her aid, clotheslining both of the Bella Twins on the outside. Inside the ring, Natalya hits her signature discus clothesline on Melina. The Canadian Diva finally tags in Eve and hitting a body slam on Melina. The Divas Champ heads up to the top rope, positioning herself for the moonsault. She takes one last glance behind her before hitting the moonsault on Melina for the three count!

As for the good, this match was one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to multi-Diva tags. Usually with these matches, only one or two Divas see in-ring action but that wasn’t the case this time and it helps that it took place on Superstars as opposed to Raw. For the most part, each Diva got more than a significant amount of time in the ring and all did well. Tamina was probably more stand out than the rest because she actually got to wrestle for a good amount of time.

The only bad thing, I would say, is that Eve got the pin when everyone in the match did all the work. Honestly, I admire the girl and how far she’s come in the ring over the past few years but I would’ve liked to see her wrestle more before getting the pin, or one of the other girls getting the pin.

There was no ugly in this match, thankfuly. Actually, sorry… I lied. Tamina’s gear was pretty bad. But I have a vanity issue when it comes to ring gear.

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