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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (March 18th, 2010): Bravo, Bellas

Last night’s episode of WWE Superstars saw The Bella Twins return to action from yet another hiatus, and I don’t know about you but it looks as though they’ve improved from the last time we saw them. Perhaps their mom, dubbed the ‘Bella Mom’, who is in attendance proved to be a lucky charm? The Bellas took on the veteran team of Jillian and Katie Lea in tag team action. Watch below:

Before the match, we see Katie Lea cutting a rare promo in her cute British accent before being cut off by Jillian who breaks into a rendition of Britney Spears’ ‘3’. She, of course, is interrupted by the Bellas’ entrance and we have ourselves a match.

Bella #1 starts things out with Katie Lea. The two lock up before Katie slams Bella to the canvas and goes for a quick pin but to no avail. Katie hits a scoop slam and goes for an elbow drop but the twin moves out of the way. The twin then applies an armlock on Katie and hits a beautiful arm drag running up the turnbuckles. She then tags out to Bella #2 who hits a sunset flip on Katie.

Katie begins taking control of Bella #2 with a knee to the stomach and throws her into the corner however the twin counters with a jumping snapmare. Katie kicks out of a near fall and takes control again, shoving the Bella into her corner and tagging out to Jillian. Jillian throws the twin against the ropes but she counters with a kick to Jillian’s face and throws her into the corner for a well executed monkey flip, meanwhile tagging back out to Bella #1. The Bellas hit a double clothesline but Jillian kicks out of a pin fall.

Jillian begins fighting back with forearms, throwing Bella #1 into the corner, Jillian runs at her but eats an elbow. Bella sits up on the top turnbuckle as Katie Lea comes at her and gets a boot for her troubles. The twin then climbs onto Jillian’s shoulders, presumably for a victory roll, but instead Jillian slams her down onto the canvas which looked like it hurt. The Bella on the outside screams ‘Nikki’, so we finally learn some minutes later that Bella #1 is Nikki and Brie is on the outside. Shouldn’t it be the announcers’ job to identify them for the viewer? Is that too much to ask?

Jillian goes for a cover and gets a two count on Nikki. Jillian then hits a front-first hair toss on Nikki and tags out to Lea. Katie kicks Nikki in the midsection as Jillian props her up and then hits a backbreaker on the twin and another near fall. Katie applies an octopus stretch but Nikki begins fighting back before being knocked right back down.

Jillian tags in and hits a submission on Nikki and tries to subdue her as she tries to crawl to her corner. Eventually, Nikki makes it and tags in the fresh Brie who hits the ring with authority with two very crisp dropkicks followed be a clothesline and overhead neckbreaker. Katie Lea tries to interfere but as the referee keeps her out, in comes Nikki and the two hit a double bulldog on Jillian. Brie goes for a pin but Katie Lea breaks up the count by grabbing Brie by the hair. She tries to throw Brie against the ropes but Brie reverses, on the outside Nikki trips up Katie and Brie dropkicks her out of the ring.

In the ring meanwhile, Jillian now back on her feet goes for the face buster but Brie blocks it and Jillian lands on her ass. Brie goes for a unique roll up and picks up the victory for the twins.

This was a surprisingly good match with the Bella Twins showing some flare in the ring. Their moves were well executed and looked crisp and clean particularly that armdrag by Nikki running up the turnbuckles and the dropkicks by Brie. The dropkicks in particular, seem so simple but are often hit sloppily by other girls yet Brie’s were very well done. Both twins did a great job and have seemingly improved. Good match.

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