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RAW Redux (June 5, 2017): RAW’s not-so Welcoming Committee

If you read my review of Extreme Rules last night, then you’d know that I’m not exactly in high hopes with the state of the RAW women’s division. The writers of RAW needed to step it up, so let’s see if they managed to in this week’s RAW Redux!

First up, RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is seen backstage with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He reminds her of her agreement that Nia Jax would be next in line for a shot at her title after Bayley… and that’s exactly his plan as he sets up a match between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship later in the show!

Clearly not impressed with the news, a slightly nervous Alexa Bliss approaches Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Dana Brooke. Before Alexa has even uttered a word, Sasha flicks her wig and walks away. Alexa tries to reason with the other two, claiming that Nia has unfairly got a title shot and is creating a problem for the division… but it’s to no avail as the duo remind her that the only person with a ‘Nia Jax problem’ is the Champion, and they’ll be at ringside to see it all unfold.

Fast forward to the match and it’s a short one indeed. Nia Jax pretty much ragdolls Alexa and yep you guessed right, she used the same 3 moves she always does: hair biels, elbow drops and steam-rolling her opponent. As promised, Dana and Mickie make their way down to the ring to see Alexa suffer at the hands of the biggest woman on the roster.

Alexa rolls outside of the ring to get some space, but crawls right into Mickie and Dana who are clearly not there to give a helping hand. Alexa clocks both of them in the face and starts to go for Dana, but Mickie smacks her from behind causing a disqualification. Nia wins the match, but Alexa retains her title!

Not too fast though! Dana and Mickie ambush Alexa, until they get shoved out the way by Nia. She rolls Alexa into the ring and aims to finish off the Champion, but Alexa scuttles away. Dana and Mickie both enter the ring to try and stand tall with the giant. However, Nia headbutts Mickie and squashes her in the corner, then hits her Samoan Drop on Dana to finish her off. Clearly, our monster is not finished at all!

Thoughts: Well it looks like the Bayley/Alexa program is done with for now.. which is a good move, but the sign of such a failed feud that had so much potential. Sure, the writers have tried to give us some nice continuity by pushing Nia and getting the other women involved… but it’s still very lacklustre. I for one, was hoping that Mickie and Dana would turn heel to help Alexa, but no, the WWE decided to bury 2 of their freshest faces even more by Nia’s 3 moves of doom.

On that note, I should address Nia’s new push. Again, there is so much potential – think Awesome Kong VS Angelina Love – one of the best TNA Knockout feuds. I absolutely love heel VS heel feuds and the characters are there, but my biggest fear is their ring work. We know that Alexa isn’t the strongest wrestler and we know that Nia is not as powerful as she looks. If they are not careful, this can be another step in the wrong direction for the women’s division.

Finally, let me address how much I loved the segment between The Miz and Maryse. I know I haven’t reviewed it in detail above, but now that Lana isn’t managing, Maryse’ really has the time to shine. Sure it’s a shame we won’t see her back in the ring properly for awhile, but her character and mannerisms are why she’s still one of my personal favourite women in the company and probably the most interesting woman on the RAW roster.

Did you enjoy Mickie and Dana getting involved in the title match? Do you see the money in Nia VS Alexa? Did you miss seeing Bayley on RAW? You know what to do in the comments section!

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