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Raw Redux (June 6th, 2011): Phoenix Rising

This week on Monday Night Raw, we have yet another Diva tag team match on tap. *shock horror* This week Kelly Kelly teams up with the elusive Beth Phoenix to take on Brie and Nikki Bella in a match. Will Beth finally make her mark on Raw or will the Bellas chop her down to size? Check out the match below:

Out to the ring first is the team of Kelly and Beth, followed by the Bellas, who are looking fantastic in their new purple gear. The official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Kelly and Nikki Bella start things off with a basic lock-up, but Nikki quickly gets the upperhand with an arm wringer. After a moment of struggle, Kelly manages to escape with a impressive lucha style armdrag, followed by a hurricanrana for a near fall. Kelly tries to the pressure on Nikki, but gets dropped across the top rope, throat first.

After a few blows to the incapacitated Kelly, Nikki drags her over to the Bella corner and tags in Brie. The twins work over Kelly in the corner, making frequent tags until Brie finally locks in a surfboard type maneuver, looking to make Kelly submit. Unfortunately for Brie, Kelly manages to break free and take he off of her feet with an arm drag. Brie tries to slow Kelly’s momentum with a clothesline, but Kelly evades and makes the hot tag to Beth.

Beth comes in like a house of fire, taking the champion off of her feet with a few clotheslines, followed by an atomic drop and a running double axhandle to the head. Before Brie can get back to her feet, Beth grabs her and plants her with a slingshot suplex. Beth goes for the pin, but it’s broken up Nikki Bella, who is promptly taken down with a bulldog from Kelly.

With Nikki neutralized, Beth grabs Brie and finishes her off with a (slightly awkward looking) Glam Slam to pick up the win for her team.

Not a bad match from the Divas this week. I was surprised to see Kelly working most of the match, while Beth got the hot tag, as the roles are usually reversed. In any case, I thought Kelly did a great job selling the Bellas’ offense and playing the babyface in peril.

Aside from the iffy finish, I thought Beth was on point tonight as well. She’s been on the backburner since her move to Raw, so it’s good to see her in a match. Judging by the outcome of this match and the results of the house shows this past weekend, it looks like she may be in line for a push soon. *Fingers crossed*

Last but not least, the Bellas were also impressive. I think they’re coming into their own, both as characters and wrestlers. Every week, they do a little bit better each week and impress more people. I can’t wait to see how much more they progress over the rest of the year.

All in all, a decent night for the Raw Divas. Hopefully, next week we can get some more progression and maybe even determine a official #1 contender. Is that really too much to ask for?

What did you think of the Divas match? Tell us in the comments!

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