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Raw Redux (March 11th, 2013): Mini-Redux Teases Fandango/Naomi; Plus, the Bellas Return!

Well readers, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

The “Road To WrestleMania” is never really kind to Divas, but this year we haven’t really been given anything to work with. The Divas Champion, Kaitlyn, is hardly ever on television. And the only other Diva with notoriety at this point is AJ Lee, and she’s currently stuck in an unbearable angle with Dolph Ziggler, that in my humble opinion, has completely killed both of their pushes. But alas, last night something happened. It wasn’t extradionary by any means. It wasn’t Earth-shattering, or a game changer, or anything else like that. But it was brilliant. It was beautiful. And it was so incredibly amazing that there’s no doubt in my mind our own Bobby still hasn’t recovered.

What on Earth am I talking about? Well, BEHOLD!!!! Watch the segment with your own eyes.

You might be asking yourselves, why is this relevant and what does it have to do with the Divas? Well, first of all Fandango definitely has Diva attitude if I’m being honest, and I absolutely love it. Secondly, he has a sassy ballroom dancer as part of his entrance which makes the Dancing With the Stars fan in me absolutely explode with joy. And third? Well, his lips uttered the name of Naomi last night. And shocker of shocks, she seemed to like it, no?

Naomi was going to say Fandango’s name, she really was. But Sweet Tea had to spoil the moment. Once again, Fandango denied us his presence and left the building. But… BUT!!! Perhaps a few seeds were planted? Could we eventually end up seeing Brodus versus Fandango, with Naomi turning heel? Heck if I know at this point, but I’m pretty amazed a measly segment with some of the more random characters in the company got me excited more so than Rock/Cena II ever could.

Something else amazing happened last night and maybe, just maybe it could open up the door for more potential. My beloved Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, returned in a backstage segment that saw them with Rhodes Scholars, much to Kaitlyn’s annoyance.

I’m not sure who got the bright idea to have a Kaitlyn/Cody flirtmance, but hey. We’ll go with it. Now she might end up having to fight a Bella or two. If this is going to spark some type of feud between the Bellas and Kaitlyn, then by all means. Go for it. Anything at this point is better than nothing, and God knows my love for the Bella twins. I just wonder if the WWE are going to be smart enough to realize they can’t do the twin magic thing anymore…

Just sayin’!

Anyway, there wasn’t much happening last night. But I do have a small amount of hope that something is going to develop from what little bit we got to see tonight. If Kaitlyn ends up feuding with the Bellas, that will be incredible. I would like it even more if she ended up with tag team partner in this feud. I’m not sure if I’d necessarily like to see any other girl return, but I know I would like for them to use their FCW girls. But I’ve been saying that for awhile. With the Bellas, they could wrestle the Funkdactyls. Maybe we will end up getting more girls on television. Baby steps and patience.

I have a few opinionated pieces in the works and I’m hoping next week there will be a reason to write a real Redux. Hope you enjoyed this mini-version nonetheless! Until next time… Cryssi out!

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