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RAW Redux (May 15th, 2017): Time to get Extreme!

Last night, it was confirmed that RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss would be facing former Champion Bayley in her first title defense at Extreme Rules. The battlefield was still open for all the other ladies as they all seem to be jockeying for their own positions outside the title picture too. Let’s see what happened on this week’s RAW with our weekly Redux to see if the ‘Goddess’ still sits atop the roster.

First up, we see Sasha Banks making her way to the ring. She’s set to have a rematch against Alicia Fox following last week’s pin… or botch? Whatever way you see it, the WWE have done the right thing and allowed for the rematch to take place.

This week, Alicia is with her beau Noam Dar. Their match this week lasts a little longer than last week and is at a much faster pace. They are generally evenly matched throughout, with Alicia getting in the most offence in a match of her’s since 2014! The tide finally changes when Sasha attempts a Bank Statement, but Alicia holds onto the top rope and instead throws Sasha over the top rope!

Alicia throws Sasha back into the ring, but Sasha attempts to hit a roll up… 1.. 2.. No! Before Sasha can get to her feet, Alicia nails her with her Scissors Kick (much to Booker T’s approval on commentary) and gets a pinfall victory over The Boss! Noam enters the ring to join his girlfriend as they celebrate their victory! He lifts her on his shoulders and the pair raise their arms in celebration!

Noam and Alicia are interviewed backstage, but they don’t take too kindly with Alicia’s victory being called a ‘surprise’. Noam explains that he was outside the ring to stand by his lady and make sure that there was no shenanigans like last week. Lots of smiles for our happy couple!

Next up, our RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss comes out to address her audience. In classic Alexa fashion, our pint-sized Superstar toots her own trumpet as she slates the crowd. She lists her accomplishments since joining RAW: beating every other woman to become #1 contender, winning the Championship on first attempt and even saying that she gave tips to Miss DC to win Miss USA.

Before Alexa can continue, Bayley makes her way to the ring! She actually comes to the ring and gives props to Alexa for achievements since joining the RAW brand, but then makes it clear that she’s invoking her rematch against Alexa at Extreme Rules. However, Alexa isn’t playing ball and warns her that Bayley can never ‘get extreme’. She tells her to go back to the kiddies’ table and let the adults talk about the title.

That’s enough for Bayley as she shoves Alexa down and dropkicks her out the ring! She’s not done with her as she tries to hit her rope stunner, but Alexa counters it and snaps Bayley’s neck off the second rope. While Alexa is on the outside, she ponders for a moment and decides it’s time to ‘get extreme’ herself! She lifts up the apron and picks up a kendo stick. She gets into the ring and seizes the opportunity to whip Bayley in the back with the kendo stick! Bayley rolls out of the ring in pain, while Little Miss Bliss looks on devilish with her new weapon in hand…

Backstage, Bayley is being tended to by medics following the kendo stick attack. RAW General Manager Kurt Angle approaches her and says that Bayley’s match at Extreme Rules will be a straight up singles match… but Bayley isn’t happy. She mentions how Alexa has mocked her family, called her names and deserves a fair chance to get ‘extreme’. Kurt hears out Bayley and sets the stipulation for match at Extreme Rules… a Kendo stick on a pole match!

Thoughts: Can we just stop the press and take a moment to recognise that this is Alicia’s first single pinfall victory on a main show (so not Main Event or Superstars) since June 2015!! And it was over Sasha! Are we alive? Is this real? Did I see that correctly?

Well that was definitely my surprise for the night! I don’t know if this means that there’s something in store for Alicia, but the Noam/Alicia pair are a bit directionless at the moment so if Noam is taking a backseat in the CW division, then it might be nice to see Alicia step to the forefront. Sure she’s at the bottom of the pecking order right now, but as a small program with someone like Sasha or Bayley once she’s out the title picture will definitely help her remain in the picture.

The whole ‘getting extreme’ phrase that they keep trying to coin is a bit cringey, but it’s a nice bit of spice to add to this feud. I just find the dynamic to be a bit weird… they want to say Bayley’s not extreme… yet she took part in the first ever women’s Iron-Man Match… and won! So seeing her get sidelined with just one kendo stick blow was a bit blehhh, but at least we know this will warm up for something nice.

I guess conspicuous by their absences would be Nia Jax and Mickie James. While it would have been nice to get some developments following Nia’s attack on Mickie last week, I guess the RAW writers still have trouble booking more than 4 women if it doesn’t involve tag team matches. Although, this Extreme Rules stipulation makes it more than obvious that a certain Miss Jax will be getting involved at the match.

Once again, the crowd have had a mixed reaction to Bayley. Now I see some of you in the comments saying that you can’t hear it, but just watch that promo – the crowd literally start booing when Bayley mentions that she’s going to invoke her rematch clause against Alexa at Extreme Rules. Sure it’s a smark crowd and a small minority, but that still has a major impact when Bayley is supposed to be one of the most popular faces in the company.

What she really needs to a big defeat and it looks like Extreme Rules may be that event. The crowd need to see Bayley as an underdog and what better way would that be, than to have Nia Jax screw her over, have Alexa whip her into shape with a kendo stick and NOT have Sasha involved to even the odds. Only then, will we finally see Bayley’s character start to work.

Are you just as shocked as I am that Alicia won a singles match? Do you think a kendo stick on the pole match is the best stipulation? Do you see Dana Brooke being involved in the picture soon? You know where the comment section is!

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