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RAW Redux (Nov 21st, 2016): Boss is Back in Business

Fresh off their showcase of brand superiority at Survivor Series, what does RAW have in store for their women’s division? Now that the women don’t need to team up anymore, it’s time to get back to business and see who’s next in line for that RAW Women’s Championship.

Charlotte comes out to the ring, accompanied by her protege Dana Brooke. Mic in hand… Charlotte I love you girl, but I’m really not feeling to hear you talk about how great you are for another 10 minutes. Alas, this is what happens – mocking at how she took out Bayley after Survivor Series match. She describes herself as the Wayne Gretzky of the WWE… then does one better by saying she’s better… woo for the cheap Canadian heat.

But hold up! Guess who’s here to stop the party… oh it’s Sasha Banks… I mean usually I’d be happy about this, but I’m pretty sure we’ve had this for the last 4 months. Anyway, Sasha asks for a rematch for tonight! The crowd is excited at the thought, while we all probably groaned in unison around the world. Interestingly, Charlotte accepts the challenge but not for tonight, but for next week in her own hometown Charlotte, NC!

Before the crowd can digest this, Nia Jax makes an unexpected surprise and comes to the ring. Immediately stating that she’s not here for Charlotte, Nia tells The Boss, “You are an overrated, purple headed Barbie doll.”. We know Sasha doesn’t hold back as she replies, “Once I get my title back, I’ll show you how overrated I can be!”.

Dana Brooke and Charlotte egg on the tension, until Sasha snaps and goes after Dana. Nia is quick to take the opportunity for attack and thrusts Sasha into the corner, hitting her with another running press for good measure. She holds up the Boss, allowing Charlotte to hit some trademark Flair chops… that’s until Bayley runs down to the save the day!

We cut to a break, but when we come back it’s Sasha and Bayley taking on the team of Nia Jax and Charlotte.

This match was a bit of a bore if I’m honest with you. Bayley and Sasha tag each other in and out like 5 times. Nia Jax gets the tag and as expected, does her signature flattening and tossing. Sasha then comes into the ring and does the usual schtick with Charlotte. End of the match sees Bayley and Sasha taking out Nia with a double suplex, with Sasha reversing a roll up from Charlotte to lock in the Bank Statement for the victory.

We also had a funny backstage segment with Enzo Amore in the nude backstage, who catches the eye of a curious Lana – gurrrrlll I see you taking a peak! Rusev jumps in to avert his wife’s eyes and schedules a match against Enzo later on in the night to prove who is the “Bigger Man”.

Rusev makes light work of his smaller competition, celebrating with the Ravishing Russian after the match.

Oh yeah, another Emma promo but we’re all pretty much over these too.

Thoughts: So yeah, I can confirm I’m over Charlotte VS Sasha Banks now. This is the first time in weeks that I actually wasn’t looking forward to Charlotte cutting a promo. Sure she slays on the mic, but we hear the same thing every week and we get Sasha interrupting her every week. It’s literally become rinse and repeat and it’s such an absolute shame because these girls are amazing. It’s just bad booking that’s made us all grow so tiresome of this feud.

Also, Nia for me has been a massive disappointment. Literally, all she needs to do is watch Gail Kim VS Awesome Kong or Bull Nakano VS Alundra Blayze to see how to be a proper monster. All she does is run into people and hair tosses. This isn’t a monster. It annoys me because there’s so much potential there, but it’s just not working and the crowd is noticing. Hell, even Shaniqua looked more dominant in a 3 minutes squash match, more than anything Nia has shown since she’s come to the main roster. If Nia is going to start working more, then she needs to step it up.

The RAW women’s division has all the star power and has some of the most popular women that this company has ever seen… what they need to realise though is that this needs to be rubbed off positively against the other women – which wasn’t the case at Survivor Series. I don’t feel that the crowd will turn on them just yet, but after next week I’m going to need Sasha and Charlotte to not wrestle each other for like 6 months. It’s completely made everyone switch of from Charlotte/Bayley. If this is going to be the next programme, then they need to start Bayley getting bullied from now.

Finally, this whole Emmalina push is probably the most interesting thing that could happen… but even that has been sapped because they promoted it way too early. They’ve even ran out of pictures for her in these promos! Right now, RAW needs something fresh – if Nia’s work rate doesn’t impress, then all eyes are going to be on Emma.

Are you excited to see Sasha VS Charlotte chapter 1000000? Do you think Nia is cutting it yet? Do you think Emmalina is going to be any sort of change to this division? You know what to do!

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