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Raw Redux (October 7th, 2013): Women Make Waves, But Not in the Ring

Before we even start to talk about last night, I just want to send well wishes to the Divas Champion, AJ Lee. As the WWE’s website stated yesterday, AJ was sent home with concussion-like symptoms and ordered not to do anything physical or strenuous. Head injuries of any kind are always frightening, and we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. Now, on to Raw! What I like to do is sit back and watch, and take down notes so I can put together the Redux without feeling like I missed anything important. Well, this week I don’t need any notes because everything that happened is burned into my brain, never to be forgotten no matter how incredible bad I want it to go away. Two authority figures ended up making the most impact, while Summer Rae continued to be Summer Rae. There was also a match, and for once in my life, I wish I could say that it only lasted about two seconds.

We’ll start with Vickie Guerrero first who was working with World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Skip to 24:15, please:

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen our favorite cougar on Raw, and she returned in fine fashion in this segment. I’ve always enjoyed Vickie and the best part of this is how both of them, Vickie and Albie, both thought they were playing one another. When she dropped his scarf to the ground I cheered. Even Vickie Guerrero doesn’t like Alberto as champion. That’s how bad he is right now. HAIL CHRISTIAN.


Vickie promised Alberto she would find him a worthy opponent so obviously, I’m getting jacked up on Coke Zero, holding my breath, and waiting for her to introduce bb Christian back to my television screen.

Womp. Womp.

Naughty Nurse Nikki Bella must have some incredible healing powers. John Cena was set to be out four to six months. Now he’s magically coming back in two. Like, what? Who heals from surgery that quickly? Is he bionic? Is he really Superman? It’s absolutely ridiculous he’s coming back this early and I don’t want to hear this crap about the ratings declining. Ratings always decline when Raw has to go head-to-head with Monday Night Football and as far as pay-per-views go, well when you expect people to pay for something they see on Raw the week before or after, what do you expect?


Either way, it was good to see Vickie again on Raw, just like it was good to see Stephanie McMahon lay down the law to Big Show.


Stephanie was legitimately the best part of Raw last night. She totally spilled the tea and slapped around a very big man. It was insane. I’ve said this before so many times but it bears repeating, Stephanie is in a class of her own when it comes to this kind of stuff. No one does it like Stephanie, and she was absolutely spot on last night.

Brad Maddox also had to suffer her wrath last night, but thankfully for him, he wasn’t just up and fired like Show.

Talk about making someone feel so small! Stephanie even blamed the power outage on Brad, which is a little harsh! Funny, though, because I’m not a fan! I kind of wish she would have fired him, but the McMahons need as many people to do their bidding as possible, so for now Brad gets to stay. Stephanie also had another small segment, this time with Brad and Triple H. It was mainly about Hunter, though, and led up to a huge ending that closed Raw. Something tells me that Stephanie’s going to be in an even worse mood come next week!

Summer Rae continued to impress by doing very little. She didn’t get involved this week in her man’s match, but seeing as how he was facing Zack Ryder, she didn’t need too.

I wish I could say that was the end of this, but sadly it isn’t. There was also a tag match that put Natalya with Eva Marie and JoJo taking on Alicia Fox with Aksana and Rosa Mendes. I say “with” because Nattie and Alicia would have been better off having a singles match. Yuck.

First of all, I’m not sure what genius decided it was alright for JoJo and Eva Marie to make their in-ring debuts, furthermore, just leave JoJo out all together. Secondly, why Rosa and Aksana were used is beyond me. I’m not going to pick apart Eva because that isn’t fair. She’s brand new to this and has probably spent the majority of her time with the company filming for Total Divas. This was her first televised match and only her second match (that I know of…) period. She has everything to improve on and all the time to do it if she really feels passionately about the business, and I believe she does. Eva needs to learn to sell moves and inject her personality into things a little more, and I feel like she will.

But really, Rosa and Aksana have no excuse for being so basic.

At this point, they should be able to carry someone who isn’t very experienced but that didn’t happen last night. Rosa fared better than Aksana, but I mean really. That being said, I would much have rather either seen that singles match between Nattie and Alicia, who both did amazing, or something different. It would have made more sense to team Alicia with Layla and Aksana, and left Aksana out. And on the other side, Nattie should have been paired with Naomi and Cameron.

Annoying match.

I will say this because I like to try and find the positive side of all things. The Divas weren’t the worst thing about Raw. It was just a very bad show and luckily for everyone involved, there’s nowhere to go now but up. Hopefully, SmackDown ends up being a lot better than Raw.

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