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Raw Redux (September 12th, 2011): When the Divas Division Took a Night Off

Just six days before the Divas Championship match between Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix, you might expect a match that foreshadows events to come. Divas of Doom vs Kelly & Eve, perhaps? No, instead last night’s Raw pretty much gave the current Divas feud a night off — save for a fleeting appearance from Beth at the end — as Kelly faced off against… Vickie Guerrero?

Watch below:

It all kicked off backstage when Kelly somehow got involved in a conversation between Vickie and SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long. (SmackDown being the operative word. This is Raw!) Vickie channels her inner-LayCool calling Kelly a “ditzy Barbie doll” and that she makes a “pathetic Divas Champion”. “Even I could beat you…”

And those, folks, are the magic words when it comes to WWE.

Before you know it, Vickie vs Kelly is booked for later in the show. Somewhere the Bella Twins are weeping.

Fast forward an hour or so, and it’s the match we all haven’t been waiting for. Vickie prolongs her inevitable humiliation by ‘warming up’. She then gets in Kelly’s face, shoving her but gets hits with a Thesz Press before she can say “Excuse me!”

Kelly follows up by licking her hand and smacking Vickie’s butt which only fires up Vickie more. Kelly with a bulldog and oh dear… Ahem… Well, ‘wrestler’ is not the first thing on Vickie’s resumé, is it?

Vickie backs into the corner and you know what time it is — stinkface.

Meanwhile, our match has been hijacked by the guys as Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger argue outside of the ring, causing Vickie much distress as she gives Kelly the advantage to roll her up and take the victory.

Well, that was scintillating.

After the match, Beth attempts to run into the ring and attack K2 but gets kicked off the ring apron. Well, at least they did a little something to promote the PPV match on Sunday.

I adore Vickie and she’s looking more phenomenal by the week, but did we need to see this? I think if you’re going to put Vickie in a match it should be a tag match or a match with a more experienced opponent. It should also be built up over time, not just booked for the same night. She is such a heat magnet that people would love to see her comeuppance after a long feud.

And as for the male involvement? Usually I would be annoyed that the one Divas match on a card of 5-6 male matches gets the focus pulled away and put on the guys, but not this week.

I guess they did try to tease the Night of Champions match this Sunday, but when you think of all of the other things they could’ve done with this three minute segment — perhaps a really heated in-ring promo between Beth & Kelly — that isn’t saying much.

A blah week for Raw.

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