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Raw Redux (September 26th, 2011): What Do Bangs, Hot Tags & Lawsuits Have in Common? WWE Divas, Of Course!

Beth Phoenix. Natalya. Kelly Kelly. Eve Torres. Vickie Guerrero. Dolph Ziggler. These six people are Redux regulars every week. Personally, I think we should just give Ziggler his own honorary tag, but that’s something that the other team members keep ignoring me on. I can’t imagine why, but nonetheless, our fantastic six were once again in action this week. We had another tag match, and more epicness from Vickie and Dolph. The latter pair were joined by their new partner Jack Swagger, and Zack Ryder was in on the action as well. What  I didn’t expect coming into this was that Triple H, Cody Rhodes, Mason ‘freaking’ Ryan, DAVID OTUNGA, and my boyfriend Christian would be involved as well. Oh my. Lets get on with it, shall we?

Before I even get into this recap, I want to start off by saying that before the match even began, I was already appreciating it. That rarely happens when it comes to the Divas and let me tell you why I was amped up. First, they showed Beth and Natalya walking backstage like they were on their way to the ring. That let us know immediately that they were on their way out and that they were clearly furious from last week’s debacle. Then, it cut to a video package highlighting Kelly, which was so well done. The ‘E has the best video packages anyway, but this one was especially great because it featured the Divas Champion, and that’s something we need. Divas who are given a chance to be champ, need to be built and showcased as one. They have done everything right so far for Kelly and it’s such a breath of fresh air. Point three that made this so right is the fact that after the video, we didn’t go to commercial. Kelly made her way to the ring, with Eve, and when it did finally go to break, they were still waiting in the ring. That gave us a chance to watch the Sisters of Destruction make their way out and what shocks me more than anything, is the fact that commentary put over the fact Beth and Natalya demanded this rematch after what happened last week. Right there we know this match isn’t random, or for lack of effort on the ‘E’s part. There is a reason we’re seeing a repeat and it’s because Beth and Natalya wanted it.

Storylines and reasoning make the WWE Universe a better place.

The match officially kicks off with Beth and Eve, and the Glamazon gains the early advantage on Eve and begins to work over the arm. This goes on for a bit before Eve pulls off a nice reversal. Beth backs the former 2-time champion against the ropes and once the referee makes her break the hold, Beth nails Eve with a vicious little elbow to the face. She whips Eve against the ropes, but instead of putting herself in harm’s way, Eve is smart enough to hold on but Beth capitalizes anyway with Nattie’s help. Eve gets taken down to the canvas and Beth grabs her, and makes the tag to Natalya.

The third-generation Diva gets in on the action and with Beth’s help, they hoist Eve high in the air. After letting her scream for a moment, they viciously drop her down to the ground leaving her in a whole world of hurt. Things get worse for Eve when Natalya decides to use her new submission hold, which she called Pin-Up Strong, on Twitter. Eve is practically crying and in a predicament where she can get pinned. Natalya gets two near falls before she breaks it up herself. Eve gets a kicked to the ribs, a slap across the face, and handed over to Beth as Natalya tags out.

Beth comes back into the match and looks to continue using Eve as a whipping girl. Things don’t go according to plan as Beth attempts to lunge at Eve while she’s resting against the ropes. Eve moves out of the way which causes Beth to do some damage to her own self, and the hot tag to the champ is made!


Kelly scrambles to the top rope and flies off, connecting with a nice Thesz Press. She beats on Beth before both women make it to their feet. Kelly slaps Beth on the booty to get her attention and that absolutely infuriates the Buffalo, New York native. She wildly swings at 2K but the younger blond ducks the clothesline and goes on offense. She ends up throwing Beth in the corner and after another trademark Kelly move, Beth eats a face full of mat thanks to a bulldog. Kelly goes for a cover, but Nattie runs into the ring to break it up. Eve comes out of nowhere and launches herself in the air at Nattie, but she misses so bad. Eve rolls out of the ring and leaves Kelly at the mercy of the Divas of Doom.

With the heart of a champion, Kelly fights out of a double team move, and ends up disposing Natalya to the outside so she can wither around with Eve. With her back turned, Beth sneaks up behind her and absolutely clubs the crap out of Kelly, sending her down hard. I think we all know what comes next. Beth finally gets the chance to set Kelly up for the Glam Slam, and unable to fight anymore, Kelly eats it and she its hard. Her shoulders are pinned for the one… two… three, and the Sisters of Destruction get a very convincing and much needed victory.


This match was great and just what Beth and Nattie needed. I have absolutely nothing to pick apart because the match was pretty flawless. Eve and Beth were great together, and the hot tag moment to Kelly was perfect tag team wrestling. I’m happy the WWE has female tag teams that keep working together, it’s kind of what they need. This makes matches seem more important and not just thrown together, and I want more. My only regret is Beth versus Kelly III was announced for Hell In A Cell, and not Vengeance. I think a backstage segment would have been enough for HIAC and would have made the match at Vengeance seem that much more important. But regardless, we have Diva action on Sunday and I’m excited.

As far as the rest of the show goes, well Vickie was everywhere for the second week in a row. It seems like the WWE wanted to capitalize on what happened last week between the sexy Dolph and Wolverine, and despite the sheer randomocity of it all, I’m not even going to complain. Vickie worked it once again in a fierce little outfit, got to interrupt the COO of the company, Triple H, ended up screwed over by Mason Ryan (whom Ziggler referred to last week as a robot, mind you), and at the end of the night, ended up involved in a lawsuit spear-headed by Christian and advised by David Otunga against the WWE.

I’m sorry, what?

Just take a look at the videos and the whole hot mess will be explained.

How good is Ziggler getting on the mic?! I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t at all interested in this segment. Triple H talking about Miz and R-Truth, fines, suspensions, firings didn’t do anything for me. I was kind of tuned out until Vickie began shrieking her catchphrase. It still amazes me how much heat she gets and if there is going to be a woman involved in this whole conspiracy angle then I’m glad it’s her. She’s perfect for this, no matter how random it seems. I had to laugh when the Phantom of the Opera came out and started to talk, I can’t help it. Cody is so hit and miss for me. Sometimes I enjoy his gimmick, other times I just shake my head. Other than that, I got to see Christian. I’m happy!

Anyway, as the night continued on, it was revealed exactly why Vickie decided to get involved. Triple H tried to screw over her man, Teddy Long screwed over her stable, and hell, why not join forces with bb Christian and Cody Rhodes and fight the good fight? Here’s why Vickie ended up so infuriated.

skip ahead to :30

I think it’s safe to say that Vickie has good reason for being so pissed off.

skip ahead to :50

But should Vickie really be so pissed off that she takes legal advice from David Otunga? I guess having the wool pulled over your eyes by Baby Batista means desperate times call for desperate measures. Christian wanted a law suit, and now he has Vickie, Dolph, and Cody Rhodes backing him up. What is this going to lead too? Perhaps it’s going to be a double rainbow for all involved and they’ll end up getting the WWE to give them what they want. I say it’s going to backfire horribly for each of them and they’ll suffer the same fate as Miz/Truth. Either way, it’s completely interesting to me and Vickie is the greatest character on WWE TV.

That’s it! Tune in Sunday for Hell in a Cell. Until next Monday, Cryssi out!

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