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RAW Women’s Title match ends with a DQ at Clash of Champions

Clash of Champions is an event where all gold is on the line. All champions have to defend their top spot of their respective divisions. This year was different than prior years as there are now three titles to defend thanks to the introduction of the Women’s Tag Team Championship from earlier this year. Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross all walked in with something to lose.

Before we get to the shining moment of the night from the all-out brawl between The Man and The Boss, let’s go over the first two matches.

The SmackDown Women’s Championship match saw the new attitude from champion Bayley face homefield advantaged Queen, Charlotte Flair. Many fans felt that this match was quite predictable and also felt that Flair would easily become a 10-time champion by the end of the night.

In an extremely short match, it was clear this match was more about getting Bayley over in her new heelish ways and less about in-ring action. Bayley would retain her title by exposing the bottom turnbuckle and planting her opponent face first. The metal being exposed unbeknownst to both Flair and the referee.

After the pin, Bayley would run out of the ring, up the ramp and to the back knowing that she stole that victory.

The second women’s title match was for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. A solid match between two solid teams didn’t disappoint. This feud has become quite personal over the past couple of weeks, especially between Nikki Cross and Mandy Rose. Rose would call Cross “ugly” last week and demoralize her for her appearance. Cross would repay her on SmackDown by defeating her but still needs to seek revenge against Fire & Desire by retaining the tag titles.

Cross would mock Rose’s demeanor during the match giving it the comedic relief. During the match the 24/7 Champion R-Truth and the talent in pursuit of the title entered the ring. At first thought, this was a bad idea thinking that this would cause an early end to the match. That was not the case. Bliss would attempt to win the title as she rolled up Truth, but he kicked out. After this spot was over, the match continued in a positive fashion.

After a couple of moments where Fire & Desire almost picked up their first titles in WWE, Cross would come through for her team. The challengers hit their tag team finisher on Bliss and came extremely close to a victory but the pin is broken up by Cross. Cross would execute a neck breaker to Rose using the top rope as leverage to pick up the pin and the win for her team. Bliss and Cross continue their reign as tag champs.

Now it is time for what should have been the main event for Clash of Champions but unfortunately wasn’t. Becky Lynch would defend her RAW Women’s Title against Sasha Banks. A match that provided everything is not only true but doesn’t begin to describe the impact this encounter had. In a 20-minute bout to remember, Banks would win, but only by disqualification.

After several solid minutes of back and forth action, it quickly became a battle between the women’s finisher maneuvers. The Dis-Arm-Her vs. The Bank Statement is the best way to describe half of their interaction. Once frustration mounted enough for Banks, she would then set her eye on a steel chair. The steel chair has been her weapon of choice since her return.

She would toss one chair into the ring just enough to distract the referee. She would then reach under the ring for another and hit Lynch in the midsection. Just when everyone thought this was it and we had a new champion, Banks would get the closest near three-count of the night and Lynch kicks out.

Lynch would then turn her eye to the steel chair. As the referee attempted to stop “The Man” from using it on Banks, she would strike the referee causing him to be laid out. This automatically causes the disqualification on Lynch, but that didn’t stop these two from destroying each other.

The fight would spill out into the crowd. Both women would throw punches as they would head up the steps of the Spectrum Center arena. As they make their way up the stairs they are knocking each other into the fans. Lynch would lock her Dis-Arm-Her on the railing as “The Boss” taps in pain.

It continues, these two would make their way out to the concession area. The brawl continues as they make their way around to the next set of stairs making their way back down to the ring. Once they were back in the ring, Lynch would lock in the Dis-Arm-Her on a steel chair that was set up in the middle of the ring.

Officials would finally come down to the ring to break up the two as the crowd continues to chant, “let them fight.” Lynch would walk up the ramp with her title raised as she celebrates still be champion despite her disqualification.

Lynch has been advertised for SmackDown with their move to the Fox Network. It can be assumed that Lynch vs. Banks will take place yet again at Hell in a Cell which is just two days after SmackDown’s move. Banks will most likely win the title at that time.

What were your thoughts of Clash of Champions? Discuss your thoughts and the night’s results in the comment section.

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