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Really True (and Candid) Internet Confessions

While Diva Dirt was in the development stages, former Women’s Champion Melina spoke candidly earlier this week on her relationship with Batista. Last year, Batista confessed in his autobiography Batista Unleashed that he and Melina had had a relationship.

Eric: Were you surprised at how much Batista wrote about your relationship with him in his book?

Melina: Kind of yes and kind of no. Like, I was surprised to see it but knowing him, he wears his heart, he will tell people how he feels. He doesn’t hide anything, and he didn’t say as much as he would have said, and for reasons I guess? But in his way, he put the most important people in his life in that book, and that’s his way of saying that I’m an important person in his life.

You don’t see stuff like that in her blog! I applaud Melina’s candor in addressing the situation because there’s been a lot written about her on the forums and such. Melina is far from a slut or a prima donna, which my partner in crime can attest to. Read the rest of Melina’s interview, which is pretty feel good by clicking here.

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