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Recap of Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3 with Maria Kanellis

Read the recap of last night’s Apprentice below courtesy of our friends at Maria Kanellis Online. Be sure to head over there for pictures and videos.

Maria was the focus at the beginning of this week’s show when she met up with Jon Paul, a very special Make A Wish kid. Maria surprised him with a $20,000 check she earned from Tenacity’s win during the “Kodak Challenge”. Maria also told Jon Paul that he was invited to the Celebrity Apprentice finale and meeting the man himself, Donald Trump who just happened to be Jon Paul’s hero.

The task for this week was that they had to create an “advertorial” for a new online identity theft partnership between Norton Antivirus and LifeLock security systems. Summer Sanders was chosen as Tenacity’s project manager, while fellow Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson was made project manager for the men. Things started off kind of rocky for the ladies, with Summer seemingly blowing off Maria’s suggestion of making Cyndi Lauper the spokesperson for their project and instead choosing Sharon Osbourne. While Maria and Cyndi were sent out to get props, Summer meets with the photographer for the project and it becomes pretty clear they have no direction for their goal. Donald Jr. mentions that he isn’t sure if the women will be able to pull it together in the short amount of time they have when he stops in to see how things are coming along.

When it came time for Tenacity to present their “advertorial” to the Norton/Life Lock execs. things once again, got a little tense. From computer glitches to Sharon’s continuing illness and it continued to boil over when both teams hit the boardroom. Summer had a few “things” to say about Cyndi, claiming she makes the whole team lose focus with her stories. Project manager, Michael seemed to have issues with the ladies final product when it came time to show them off, saying that they lacked information. Cyndi was quick to defend her team’s work and mentioned that the men’s product was too wordy and not what a “advertorial” should be, which boardroom guest Gavin & Donald Jr. agreed with.

In the end, Tenacity took home another win and $20,000 (and proceeds from Norton/Life Lock’s bundle sales) was given to Summer’s charity, Right to Play. Darryl Strawberry shocked everyone by asking to be fired, seemingly saving Michael from the chopping block for this week.

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