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Recap of Kelly Kelly on Bubba the Love Sponge

SmackDown Diva, Kelly Kelly was interviewed on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show yesterday to promote WWE’s Survivor Series pay per view.

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Kelly Kelly came in, bubba asked that no one take a picture of her boots, as
he thinks heather will go nuts over them, Spice thinks you couldn’t
wrestle in those boots. Bubba thinks she’s like the John Cena of
divas, Brett said she is, Bubba thinks she’s the most over one, he
then said that he once tried selling Hogan’s boots on EBay. Kelly said
she’ll be in Smackdown, she said she’ll role out with the boots, she
said her eye lashes are half fake. Bubba asked if Kelly fit the Spice
template, he then asked Kelly who she is currently with, Kelly
wondered why bubba is mentioning this, Bubba said he’s like family.
Kelly said that her and Michelle Cools will be wrestling. Bubba asked
her about being on Raw, Kelly said that Beth was the only baby face on
there, someone had to go.


Bubba asked about Jericho, he said the guy
is a great interview subject, Brett said that Iron Maiden is coming to
Tampa, Brent said they’re a stiff band to get back stage. Bubba asked
about the under Taker and Brock Lesnar deal, Brett thinks Bubba knows
more than he does, he thinks they need to call Johnny Ace, Bubba then
goofed on Johnny a little, he then remembered the time when Shane
McMahon hung up on him for calling the fans marks, he then asked about
him, Brett said he’s the ceo of china Broadband. Bubba thinks Kelly is
dating Steve Lonza, he thinks he has her hemmed up, he then asked
about Jackson Andrews, Kelly said he’s dating someone, bubba said that
guy was money. Spice asked if Kelly would say yes to marriage, Bubba
said she’s getting long in the tooth, he thinks her job won’t let her
respond, Kelly said that she’d say yes. Bubba thinks they should call
the guy up, Spice doesn’t’ like the guy’s white boots, he thinks he
looks like a snowman with a tan. Kelly said she moved to Miami, Brent
said it costs a lot of money, Spice thinks she’s not giving full
answers. Kelly said that when she moved she was single, Brent said
it’s like $100 to park a car, Bubba remembers when Hogan told him
that, Spice said he doesn’t know a place in Tampa where you can valet
for $20. Bubba said he wouldn’t question The Under Taker with stuff
like this, he thinks he would just stair a hole in him, he then said
he misses Test, Brent said he’s still not over it. Bubba said the nice
thing is that the wellness program is fantastic, he said if you’ve
wrestled one day, Vince will pay for it, Spice thinks Vince needs a
nutrition program, he thinks Knobbs needs to mix in an apple, Bubba
thinks that Brian will appear out of nowhere and notice what was going
on, he then asked Kelly about being with her new man, Brent thinks the
guy is afraid of getting jobbed out. Kelly said she’s 23, bubba thinks
she’s ready for marriage, Brent and Spice doesn’t think so. Spice
thinks she wants to have a pre-nup, Bubba said he’ll mention that to
Justin if they get him on. Spice asked who has hit on her, Brent said
that guys have gotten her gifts, Bubba told her to say a name, Kelly
then said Ben Rothlessburger, Brent said that guy is up to no good,
Spice as Vince said some stuff. The guys then recounted sometimes they
had with Test, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

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