Friday, March 1, 2024

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Recap: Trish Stratus on NBC’s Today Show

Tough Enough trainer, Trish Stratus appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning. Our recap below:

The hosts show off Trish’s Oxygen cover.

Trish talks about Tough Enough, saying she retired in 2006 and was asked to come back to do the show.

The host says it’s unexpected that Trish uses yoga as a training exercise. Trish says yoga is part of her life after so much wear and tear in the ring. She says she introduced it to the TE kids and makes them hold plank if they’re bad.

Trish explains that the winner gets a contract. She says the top two will compete on live TV (presumably on Raw) for the contract.

The segment lasted all of two minutes and didn’t cover any new ground. More of a plug for Tough Enough.

UPDATE: Low quality clip below:

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