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Renee Paquette reveals the name of her baby girl with Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette left WWE last year, and she has been busy ever since. The former on-screen personality has been working on her cookbook, “Messy in the Kitchen”, started her popular Oral Sessions podcast, and is also pregnant with her first child.

On Oral Sessions, Paquette welcomed her own mother as the special guest. The host revealed the name that her and her husband had chosen for their daughter on the show. The name is a tribute to Renee’s late grandmother, Eleanor. She said:

“We’re naming our baby Nora, which is a tribute to your mom, who was Eleanor. Nobody called her Nora but it just seemed to me a nice little homage to nanny without it being full Eleanor, but to have a little bit of Nanny.”

She also revealed that her husband liked the idea despite never meeting her grandmother:

“It does make me sad that Jon never got to meet Nanny, but I do love that he was so on board with us naming our daughter after her. And it was such a no-brainer of like, yep, 100% – that’s her name.”

Paquette is expecting to give birth to her daughter next month, in June. During her pregnancy, the star has taken part in multiple photoshoots, most recently for Hello Canada.

Her first cookbook, “Messy in the Kitchen” was released in the United States this week, and will be coming to other countries later in the year. Renee has often documented her love of cooking on her Instagram account, often bringing her followers along for the ride whilst she tries out new recipes.

Since leaving WWE, Paquette has also interviewed some huge stars on her podcast. Some of her most recent guests have been Mickie James, who delved into “Trash Bag Gate”. Inaugural NXT Women’s Champion Paige who discussed a potential in-ring return has also featured.

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