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Renee Young Joins WWE Superstars Commentary Team

Renee Young has officially been promoted to the commentary team of WWE Superstars.

The interviewer, who also does commentary for NXT, will make her Superstars debut on tonight’s episode alongside Tom Phillips, making her the first full-time female commentator in over a decade.

The WWE announced the news in an in-depth article, which features quotes from Renee and her broadcast team colleagues.

In the article, WWE COO Triple H explains his reasons for moving Renee up, saying:

“It has nothing to do with her being a female or not, it has to do with her being the right person for the job. She’s got a great voice that cuts through the clutter. She is very knowledgeable about WWE, about its history, about the talent and she is really willing to step up and do her homework. I think you’re going to see her grow. You’re going to see her jump on this challenge to become a regular fixture and a regular voice and, hopefully, maybe one day the voice of WWE.”

The article also features insight from Renee on how women can play non-Diva roles in today’s WWE landscape:

“I feel there is definitely a certain amount of pressure, not only as a performer and broadcaster but representing women who may not even know this is something that they want to do. I can show other women that if you’re not a Diva and you still want to be involved in WWE, there’s so much you can do. It’s definitely really cool to be in the position to create a bit of a niche for myself and other women.”

She also shares her goal of making it to the Raw or SmackDown commentary booth, saying:

“What I would love to do is do commentary with Michael Cole and JBL on SmackDown. Renee said. If we can make that a two-man-and-one-woman team, that would be awesome. Getting on the main shows, being able to do Raw or SmackDown, would absolutely be the next step.”

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Congratulations, Renee!

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