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Report from Today’s Raw House Show in Liverpool, Diva Possibly Injured

Diva Dirt reader, Lucy sent in the following results from tonight’s house show in Liverpool:

The match was Kelly Kelly and Melina vs Jillian and Alicia Fox. Jillian and Alicia came out and Jillian sang “A Hard Day’s Night” in honour of The Beatles. She got seriously booed for that. Then Kelly came out to quite a big pop and then was followed by Melina (she didn’t get as big as a pop as Kelly).

The match started off with Melina and Alicia, they glared at each other before starting to wrestle. Everything went really well in the match and the crowd were okay too. Most of the crowd were wolf-whistling and cheering for Kelly although there was a Melina chant going too. Kelly definitely was the most popular. Half of the match was spent with Kelly getting beaten up. Then Kelly got the tag to Melina. And she came in did a couple of clotheslines to Jillian and then did her facebuster move. She went for the pin but only got the 2 count thanks to Alicia breaking the pin up. Kelly came in and hit Alicia and Alicia fell out of the ring. I am not really sure what happened to Kelly but when I looked she was lying on the outside of the ring. She looked like she was injured. Then the referee went over near the ropes to ask her if she was okay. Back in the match Melina got the victory after she did her split leg drop move on Jillian. Kelly managed to roll back into the ring (awkwardly) and the referee held both their arms up. Kelly was holding her stomach. Melina and Kelly hugged as Jillian and Alicia retreated down the ramp. The match was a really good one and included no botches. Alicia also played a great heel as usual.

Gail Kim was only used for asking a family a question and then came out with the Honey Monster (no dancing was involved).

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