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Report, Pictures & Video from FCW in Fort Myers (August 27th, 2010)

Big FCW post for you… we’ve got a fan report, pictures and video footage from Friday’s FCW live event in Fort Myers. Diva Dirt reader Bobby Lea Burchill sent us the following:

Before the show, I got to meet Christina Crawford, Isis the Amazon and Ricki Vaughn (formerly known as Celeste). All three were very nice and friendly, Christina especially. As reported earlier, Isis asked if it was alright before she took pics with fans, but she was nice about it. Ricki looks really good, and she shared the ring announcing duties for the night, not doing a bad job at all. Christina looks almost identical to Alicia, just with a darker color to her hair.

Onto the show, the Divas match was the third match of the show, and it was announced as a tag match. When Ricki introduced the team of Naomi Night & Aksana, I thought they were gonna run around the ring and slap hands, etc… but they came out in full on heel mode. They scowled at fans, refused to slap hands, and posed as they walked around the ring. Not only that, but Night ditched her braids and had purple bangs. And then out came Liviana and AJ Lee, to new music (no more Trinity theme), who were faces. This had me wondering if they really are being groomed for NXT, because AJ has been changed back to a face for the show, and more boldly, Naomi didn’t have her braids, but changed it to a normal hairstyle for Divas.

More after the cut:

The match went very well, and even Aksana who I thought would be a little green, was on her A-game. The heels took turns working over AJ for a majority, which even had Aksana toss her outside and ram her into the ring apron. But not only that, she grabbed AJ by the hair and ran over to the announce table where Ricki & Matt (the announcers) were sitting, and slammed AJ’s head into it which made a huge sound. Naomi also locked in some cool submissions to AJ, which I managed to get pics of. The match ended with Liviana getting the hot tag into the ring and cleaning house on Night and Aksana. I really am surprised by Liviana as before I went to FCW in June, I didn’t think she was up to par, but the past 2 shows I’ve been to, she’s really shown some great moves and fire. Liviana tossed Naomi into the corner and ran off the ropes with a charging bulldog to take the 3 count and win for her team. During the match, Aksana kept turning around and asking the fans, “is dees good?” “cheer for naomi”. She really has some comedic presence to her as it kept me laughing since I was on the side she turned to. After the match, Aksana checked on Night and Liviana helped AJ to the back.

One thing I found a bit cool was that when the match started, they weren’t being taken to very well by the crowd, but when the match ended, I heard comments like “the women are more technical than the men” and “bring the girls back”.

Overall a great night, and since he’s engaged to a member of Diva Dirt, just wanted to add that Kristin Astara‘s fiance, Ryan O’Reilly got to wrestle following the divas and also got great comments from the crowd.

Check out Bobby’s pictures below:

[nggallery id=410]

Finally, a video has surfaced on YouTube of the match. Check it out below:

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