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Report: The Story Behind Last Night’s ‘Piggy James’ Segment

Last night’s segment which saw Mickie James as the subject of ‘fat’ jokes was reportedly to send a message to the former Women’s & Divas Champion, says PWInsider.

As previously reported during the Diva Trade, WWE has not been happy with Mickie’s weight and this was one of the reasons for last night’s segment.

The other reason for the segment has to do with the Diva’s outside endeavors including studying for a degree and pursuing a country music career; Mike Johnson reports there is some unease among WWE management that Mickie is putting herself before her WWE commitments and expect her to put the company first. There is supposedly a belief that like The Rock and Stacy Keibler, James may endeavor outside the company and find fame in other areas where WWE cannot control her.

The general feeling is the segment wasn’t used to gain heel heat for Michelle McCool but rather send a message to James.

As I wrote in yesterday’s Redux, there was no way that this segment was scripted solely to push a storyline. It’s an extremely touchy subject and this is WWE after all, they wouldn’t script something like this without an ulterior motive. Pathetic.

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