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Report: TNA to Create All-Knockouts PPV

tnaEarlier today, TNA announced that they were cutting down on their number of Pay-Per-View events for 2013, dropping from twelve monthly events to just four.

Now, PWInsider has revealed that in order to compensate for this loss, TNA will be taping PPV shows to air on the first Friday of the months without a PPV. Among these eight shows is one called, “TNA Knockouts Knockdown”. PWInsider describes it as follows:

TNA Knockouts Knockdown – One night Knockout tournament with the first round being all stipulation matches and the final four in a “test of their stamina” to see who the final victor is.

What do you think? Is it high time the Knockouts got their own annual event, or would you rather have the twelve regular PPVs?

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