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Report: Vickie Guerrero Leaving the WWE Next Week?

Vickie Guerrero‘s recent on-screen troubles with The Authority have led some fans to believe her WWE departure is imminent. Now, it looks like it may come sooner than expected.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer (via WhatCulture) spoke about Vickie’s departure on his radio show, saying, “I believe next week is Vickie’s last week. This angle leads to her leaving. Even if it is another week, this thing ends with Vickie gone. She was meant to leave at WrestleMania but agreed to stay to do the departure angle.”

This adds substance to the rumors, though it indicates that her exit date it not set in stone. All of this seems to depend on when her storyline with The Authority will wrap up.

Vickie first appeared on WWE television in 2005 and has been a regular presence since 2007, save for a short absence in 2009.

How do you think Vickie should go out?

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