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Results: Allie retains the Knockouts Championship

Tonight at Redemption, Allie retained the Knockouts Championship against the Undead Bride Su Yung.

During a pre-match interview. Allie said that the name of this PPV was Redemption and that redemption meant different things to different people. Although some may have called her a paper champion, Allie says she has proven herself against Sienna and Laurel Van Ness and will again when she defeats Su Yung

When her old flame Braxton Sutter is brought up, Allie says that she trusted him at one point but now sees that he only cares about himself. Allie concludes the interview by stating that tonight she will fight for herself, the Knockouts Championship and her redemption.

Sutter continued his duties as Yung’s personal ring announcer and was at her corner for this Knockouts title match. He served as a human shield to at the start of the match to allow Yung sneak in the first strike. She whips Allie to the ropes but the champion counters upon return.

Allie stays in control with a suplex to the corner and running elbow slide. Allie slips to the outside and exchanges words with Sutter. As Allie gets back to the ring, she takes Yung to the corner and goes for a running dropkick but Sutter pulls Yung to the outside. The Knockouts Champion climbs the top turnbuckle but gets knocked off by Sutter while Yung distracts the referee.

Yung takes control with kicks to the back. Allie brushes Yung off with a back elbow but gets taken to the outside floor when Yung dodges a clothesline. Yung takes aim and connects a flying cannonball from the ring apron. The Knockouts makes their way back to the ring where Yung puts on a bloody glove but the defends herself with a Code Breaker.

Both Knockouts are down but Allie stays in control with a quick DDT to the middle turnbuckle. Allie unleashes a fury of offense and takes Yung down with a Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Allie goes for the Best Superkick Ever but Yung dodges to counter with a pedigree. Allie kicks out.

When Allie manages to hit the Best Superkick Ever, Sutter jumps to the ring apron and barks at Allie. The Knockouts Champion knocks him off the ring apron but gets trapped into the Panic Switch. Yung spins Allie around but before Yung can drop Allie, the Knockouts Champion reverses with a cradle pin for the three count to retain.

Post-match, Sutter offered to “fix” things by proposing to Su Yung but she responded with a Red Mist and choking him out with the use of her bloody glove.

What did you think of the match?

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