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Results and Pictures from TNA’s European Tour Kick Off in Glasgow

TNA is currently in Europe for an overseas tour which kicked off in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday night. Diva Dirt reader Gavin sent in these pictures and his own report of the show which featured Hamada vs Sarita in Knockouts action. He writes:

I have to say the match wasn’t as good as they are on TV, both were sloppy and the crowd weren’t into the match. I was shouting so loud, I got a killer sore throat after it lol. Hamada worked the match as a heel grabbing hair, pulling tights… that sort of thing. She had some heat at times but the match was dead compared to the other matches on the card. Hamada started with a couple of headbutts and punches and Sarita came back with some punches then a hearscissors. In the end, Hamada won.

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