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Results: Becky Lynch remains the SmackDown Women’s Champion

Today at WWE’s Super Show-Down from Melbourne, Australia, Becky Lynch was able to walk in and out of Australia as the SmackDown Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair.

Lynch started off the match with a kick to the knee and corners Flair to target the legs. Flair fights back with knee shots and hip attacks but it was short lived. Lynch paces to the outside where she grabs Flair’s arm to drag her to the outside floor and then shoves her to the ring post, targeting a shoulder.

Back in the ring, Lynch lands kick from a corner and uses the middle rope to choke Flair. Lynch whips Flair to a corner but the latter is able to avoid an incoming attack and rolls Lynch up for a two count. Flair lands a chop to the chest but Lynch is able to dodge another one and runs the ropes to lock in an armbar. Flair gets to her feet to escape with a side slam.

The women recenter and Lynch lands a series of uppercuts but Flair replies with chops to the chest. They continue to battle at a corner, where Flair stomps over Lynch’s leg when it gets caught on the ring rope. From another corner, Lynch sends Flair to the middle turnbuckle and climbs the second rope for a flying forearm for a near fall.

Big boot takes Lynch down for a two count. The women trade hard forearms until Flair runs the ropes for a spear that takes Lynch down. Flair follows up with a top rope moonsault but Becky gets the knees up to counter. After a step-up enziguri, Lynch climbs the top rope but misses a leg drop when Flair moves out the way.

Flair locks in the Boston Crab but Lynch makes it to the ropes. Lynch then rolls out the ring, grabbing her Women’s Title and tries to head to the back but Flair stops her via spear to the barricade. Another spear is delivered when the women head back to the ring and Flair sets up for the Figure Eight but Lynch attacks Flair with the SmackDown Women’s Title causing the match to end via disqualification.

After the match, Lynch continued to attack Flair, landing a Bexploder from the outside ring as well as a running knee to the head.

As a result of the DQ finish, the has announced that Becky Lynch will defend the SmackDown Women’s Title once again in a rematch against Charlotte Flair:

What did you think of the match?

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