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Results: The IIconics celebrate a home victory

Today from their home country of Australia, the IIconics from were victorious in their tag team match against Asuka and Naomi.

Naomi and Royce started things off with a tie-up, fighting for early control. Naomi ducks a forearm to land one of her own. Royce avoids a corner attack and tags in Kay as they land kicks to the back. Kay catches the foot and tries to bring Naomi down but splits onto the mat.

Naomi catches a kick and tags in Asuka, where the pair take down Kay with a double team leg sweep and low kick combination. Asuka tries to grab a hold of Kay but the latter manages to tag in Royce, leading to a staredown between the two teams. Asuka and Naomi duck the clotheslines and send the Iconic to the ring apron via dropkick. They follow up with the hip attacks that send the IIconics to the outside.

As the women get back into the ring, the IIconics manage to double team Asuka when the referee is distracted as he tried to get Naomi back to the corner. Royce makes the tag and another double team advantage allows for Royce to land a spinning kick on Asuka. Kay follows up with a grounded arm submission and tosses Asuka to the corner but Asuka fights though. She tries to make a tag to Naomi but Kay keeps her at bay. Asuka delivers a German suplex to create separation, which sets up for a hot tag scenario. Naomi takes Royce down with a forearm, back elbow, springboard kick and bulldog to the second rope. She tops things off with a split-legged moonsault on Royce but Kay runs in to make the save.

Asuka delivers a missile dropkick from the top rope that takes Kay down. Naomi tosses Royce back into the ring and looks for an attack from the ring apron but Kay pulls her off. Asuka runs in to make the save but gets sent to the barricade instead. The IIconics take advantage and set Naomi up for a running knee strike that earns them the win.

What did you think of the match?

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