Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Results from Christina Von Eerie’s TNA Tryout (Also Features Becky Bayless)

As mentioned earlier, Christina Von Eerie is in Orlando for a tryout with TNA that just took place prior to tonight’s Impact taping.

Von Eerie teamed up with Shannon Moore, who it’s rumoured she’ll be paired with should she be signed, in a mixed tag team match also involving Cookie aka Becky Bayless. Results below:

* Shannon Moore & Christina Von Erie vs. Okada & Cookie (Becky Bayless). Winner via Jumping 2nd rope neckbreaker from Moore to Okada, Shannon Moore & Christina Von Erie. (Source: Wrestling News World)

Christina, as well as Katie Lea, are undergoing tryouts this week while Becky Bayless was signed to a deal last week.

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