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Results: Kairi Sane wins the NXT Women’s Championship

Tonight at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, Kairi Sane defeated Shayna Baszler to become the new NXT Women’s Championship.

Baszler’s fellow Horsewomen of MMA were at ringside in support of Baszler for the match, which started off in a stalemate as both women were trading locks for early control.

They lock-up again and Baszler goes for a gut wrench but Sane lands on her feet and takes Baszler down for a quick pin and then a Stretch Muffler. The women get in each other faces then begin trading forearms. Sane uses her speed to run the ropes for a head scissors and sends Baszler to the outside with a dropkick.

Sane heads to the ring apron, takes aim and strikes Baszler with a flying forearm. She sends Baszler back to the ring to lands chops to the chest. Sane follows up by running the ropes but Baszler halts Sane with a dropkick to the leg. Baszler starts targeting Sane’s right knee, stomping and kicking over it. Baszler keeps Sane grounded and proceeds to twist the targeted right leg.

Baszler sets Sane up at a corner, takes a moment to mock her and lands a running kick. Baszler tries to silence Sane’s primal screams with forearms strikes but Sane responds with a spinning backlist and running neck breakers. Through some pain, Sane connects a sliding elbow for a two count.

Sane climbs to the top turnbuckle but Baszler lands a high kick and follows up with Gut Wrench off the ropes. Baszler goes for the cover after hitting a running strike to the face.

Sane reverses a Suplex and takes Baszler down with a spear and quickly climbs the turnbuckle for the Insane Elbow to the back of Baszler. Sane climbs the top rope for a second Insane Elbow but Baszler manages to stay alive.

Sane sets up for The Anchor submission but Baszler counters with a Kirfuda Clutch. Sane stays alive when she slowly makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Baszler goes for another Anchor Lock but Baszler makes it to the bottom ropes.

Baszler manages to get the knees up when Sane went for a third Insane Elbow and attempt another Kirifuda Clutch but Sane reverses into a pin to get the win.

What did you think of the match?

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