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Results & Pictures from ACW in San Antonio, TX (March 20th, 2011)

Results and pictures from yesterday’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling show in San Antonio, TX courtesy of regular contributor, Brandon:

ACW was back in business in the 210 for their March show in Texas – “A Chain Reaction of Evil,” a night that displayed some insane wrestling from the Anarchists. But the real stars of the show were the American Joshis: Tag Champions, Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James, Athena, Amanda Fox, and the returning Lillie Mae.

The Joshi action kick off with a pre-show match between “Five Star” Amanda Fox and the returning Lillie Mae, who took a brief hiatus from ACW. This match resulted in Amanda Fox on top against the “Hot Little Momma With a Pick Up Truck” Mae with the Ocana Roll while posing. It was a decent match, and good show from both girls. There were a few iffy spots in the match, but it picked up as it progressed. Best move of the match was when Lillie was choking Amanda with her foot, and from there Amanda wrapped her legs on Mae’s legs and rolled into a heel hook on Mae. Great amateur wrestling showing from the “Five Star.”


Next up was the “Wrestling Goddess” Athena in an intergender match against the “Mind of Wrestling” JT Lamotta. Before the match Lamotta had some unkind words for the Goddess and the women of ACW that they don’t belong in the ring, and the ladies couldn’t handle him. But Athena wasn’t having it, and she took it to Lamotta. Unfortunately, JT Lamotta won via submission with his version of the Regal Stretch, but GOOD LORD, DID ATHENA TOOK IT TO LAMOTTA!! Athena gave another one of her strongest outings of her career, and it was against a former ACW Heavyweight Champion in Lamotta. She busted out insane moves, like a springboard dropkick, a high elevated missile dropkick, a diving hurricanrana, and an enziguri from the top rope. Lamotta was even having trouble putting her away. But it took 3 attemps of the Regal Stretch to make Athena tap. IS THERE ANYTHING THIS GIRL CANNOT DO!!!?? For those more into men’s wrestling, YouTube JT Lamotta. Even though he was a douche in this match, this guy is phenomenal. There were even brief “THIS IS AWESOME” chants. Match of the night, by far.

Next it was RAJETT’s (Rachel & Jessica’s Egg-cellent Tag Team) turn. They were going to defend the ACW Tag Team Championships against the Lost Boys, whose names I forgot. This match was straight up comedy. RAJETT had waterguns because the Lost Boys were scared of water, or something… Anyway, RAJETT retained their titles after both girls rolled up both Lost Boys for the 1-2-3. Like I said, pure comedy from RAJETT. It was a little silly at times, but RAJETT are a very entertaining duo.

Last but not least, the American Joshi Championship. Lady Poison defended her title against Lillie Mae, who replaced Claudia Del Solis who couldn’t make it to the show. Poison played psychological games a lot in this match, but Lillie gave a good outing against the freaky one. Poison retained the gold after giving Lillie the Poison Kiss while Poison was in powerbomb position. Again, another decent outing from both girls, and Lady Posion continued her reign of Posion as American Joshi Champion.

Overall, another good show from the Anarchists, but as mentioned earlier, the American Joshis are the true stars of the show. It was great seeing Lillie Mae back in the ACW ring, and she’s such a humble person when talking to her. Amanda Fox had a good showing. RAJETT is always a ball of joy, but if I have to pick an MVP of the night, it will go to Athena. This girl is constantly delivering match after match after match. She reminds me of Jazz and Jacqueline (cheap plug – request for these two for 2011 Queen of Queens) to where they are two pound-for-pound black women who are not afraid to mix it with the guys, and take a beating from them. Athena, after tonight, is definitely up in that category. She took it to one of ACW’s great male talents, and the crowd was behind her the entire match. This was definitely her moment to shine.

Pictures below:

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VIDEO: Brandon’s footage from the show

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