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Results & Pictures from WSU’s J-Cup and King & Queen Tournaments 2011

WSU returned to action yesterday with its annual J-Cup tournament during the day and the annual King and Queen of the Ring tournament in the evening.

Full results below:

WSU Tournament Saturday Results (4/2) From Kearny, NJ
– Brittney Savage Wins The J-Cup Tournament in an Unprecedented Run; Will Challenge WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez at The Uncensored Rumble
– Mercedes Martinez & Julio Dinero Win the King & Queen Tournament, As Martinez Continues Her Meteoric Rise in Womens Wrestling
– Major Developments & Free Videos Released

Women Superstars Uncensored, the most active womens wrestling promotion today, partnered up with brother promotion National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) for two huge tournaments in one day. In the afternoon, the companies presented the 5th Annual Women’s J-Cup Tournament & at night presented the sixth annual King & Queen of the Ring Tournament.

Quick J-Cup Results:

Brittney Savage d. Rick Cataldo to get a spot into the tournament after Cataldo challenged Savage for her spot.

J-CUP First Round Matches
Sassy Stephanie d. Jennifer Cruz
Jana d. Marti Belle
Jamilia Craft d. Tina San Antonio
Brittney Savage d. Cindy Rogers

J-CUP Second Round Matches
Brittney Savage d. Jana
Sassy Stephanie d. Jamilia Craft; Originally this match went to a 10 minute draw, but commissioner Gino Moore ruled there must be a winner after fans asked for five more minutes. Stephanie was able to go on to win the match.

J-Cup Tournament Final
Brittney Savage d. Sassy Stephanie to win the J-Cup to earn the right to challenge for the WSU World Title on 6/25 on iPPV. This was a huge night for Savage, as she was the first person to win 4 matches in one tournament. Savage also defeated 3 of her ex-Cosmo Club running mates & was able to extract revenge against the person who beat her for the WSU Spirit Championship last month.

In non tournament matches:

Jessicka Havok d. Newcomer Nikki Styx after an emerald frosien

For the WSU World Title
Mercedes Martinez d. Ariel to retain the WSU World Title for the 38th time.

After Savage’s tournament win, a very heated verbal confrontation took place between Martinez & Savage. You have to see this to really get the full effect. Martinez & Savage brought up their past, and Savage made it clear that she was a new person & would be taking out Martinez on 6/25. Martinez told everyone that Savage would be just like everyone else, another statistic in her championship reign.


King & Queen Results
During the introductions of the teams, Brittney Savage came out to confront Mercedes Martinez. Savage baited Martinez into defending the WSU World title during the tournament. Martinez, the hardest working champion in wrestling today agreed that she would defend her championship, but it was clear that Savage tricked Martinez into putting up her title in tag team matches, meaning if Martinez’s partner lost, she would lose her championship. The cunning plan of Savage looked like it would come through perfectly, and Savage said she’d call the action from the DVD commentators booth.

King & Queen Tournament First Round Matches
Jamilia Craft & Frightmare d. Sassy Stephanie & JD Smooth. It was Craft getting the pinfall over Stephanie, establishing her as a threat for the spirit championship.
J-Cruz & Nicky Oceans d. Joey Janella & Jana
Cindy Rogers & Kenny Dykstra d. Ariel & Spyral
Mercedes Martinez & Julio Dinero d. Nikki Styx & Corey Havok

KQ Second Round Matches
J-Cruz & Nicky Oceans d. Joey Janella & Jana
Mercedes Martinez & Julio Dinero d. Cindy Rogers & Kenny Dykstra

KQ Tournament Final
Mercedes Martinez & Julio Dinero d. J-Cruz & Nicky Oceans
After the match “The Franchise” Shane Douglas came out to award the crowns to the winners. Douglas was in the area due to another local show canceling & wanted to see an independent wrestling event. Douglas told people that Martinez was the greatest womens wrestler today. Brittney Savage then came out & got into a heated staredown with Martinez. Martinez retained her title for the 39th, 40th & 41st time in this tournament.

Non Tournament Matches
The Belle Saints d. Rick Cataldo & Monique to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles

Jessicka Havok vs Alicia went to a Double DQ in a wild & extreme brawl. Both women knocked out referees & security guards. After the match Alicia challenged Havok to an Uncensored Rules match at the 6/25 iPPV stating that at a sole WSU show, and not a joint WSU/NWS show, anything goes & she will show Havok why she is still considered one of the best. This was Havok’s biggest test to date, after picking up wins over ODB, Amy Lee, Nikki Roxx & Rain.


WSU returns for Indymania on 4/3 in Union City, NJ with two big matches on the joint NYWC & ACE event.


There are tons of exclusive video & pictures on the WSU Facebook & Twitter pages. We will have a separate news update on these videos. The biggest announcement from these videos is that Cindy Rogers, who announced she will be retiring on 6/25 on iPPV, has challenged Allison Danger. Danger has yet to respond to the challenge.

Pictures below:

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