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Rewind: AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella Hell in a Cell 2013

Taking it back to Hell in a Cell in 2013, the Divas Championship was on the line as the champion Aj Lee battled Brie Bella.

Both women didn’t come alone to the ring as Brie had her sister Nikki Bella and Lee had Tamina in her corner. Both would have involvement at the end of the match which led to the result.

Brie had a series of championship matches during this feud with Lee just as the reality show Total Divas kicked off its first season. This was also right after the Bellas returned after leaving WWE from their first run. First, Brie would participate in a Fatal 4-way at Night of Champions which Lee retained that also included Natalya and Naomi. She faced off against Lee once again at Battleground weeks before this match at Hell in a Cell. Lee continued to retain.

The final moments of this match had Brie come near victory after avoiding the Black Widow submission attempt from Lee and locking her into a half crab. Tamina would jump up on the apron to cause a distraction but Nikki pulled her down. While this was occurring, Lee was pulling herself to the rope to try and break the submission hold. Lee made it to the rope to force the break.

Brie went for a running knee but knocked into Nikki on the apron instead. Lee locks in the Black Widow and eventually Brie would tap out causing the champion to retain.

This was during the first reign of Lee as Divas Champion. She would hold the title for 296-days before losing to Paige in the latter’s memorable first night on Raw after WrestleMania in April 2014.

What are your favorite moments from this time in Divas history? Join the discussion below.

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