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Rewind: Seven Years Since Three NXT Divas Debuted On Raw

It has been seven years to the date on July 13 in 2015 that three of the biggest names in women’s wrestling debuted on WWE’s main roster.

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair were introduced on Raw by Stephanie McMahon who brought in more women from NXT to start a revolution. Nikki Bella was the current Divas Champion at the time and was firmly aligned with her sister Brie and Alicia Fox. They had been using the numbers advantage on Paige up until this exact moment.

Joining Paige would be Lynch first and then Flair to even the numbers against The Bellas and Fox. Not fond of being left out, Naomi and Tamina made their way out to ringside. Naomi said that they have unfinished business with both Team Bella and Paige. McMahon would then introduce Banks as the third call-up. She would align herself with Naomi and Tamina forming Team B.A.D. while Paige/Charlotte/Becky would be known as PCB.

The newly formed teams would brawl leading to the three call-ups to submit the members of Team Bella.

The three teams would spend time feuding with a SummerSlam bout that took place that same year. It was a Triple Threat Elimination Match that had Team PCB pull out the win giving Paige some vindication against Team Bella. Flair would eventually become Divas Champion after defeating Nikki Bella at Night of Champions. Team B.A.D. and Team Bella would last a bit longer than PCB as the team imploded with Flair having a series of championship matches with Paige first and then turning her attention to Lynch.

What are your favorite moments from this time in Divas history? What would you have changed? Discuss below!

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