Friday, December 8, 2023

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Rhaka Khan Speaks


For the first time since having Kurt Angle arrested two weeks ago, Knockout Rhaka Khan – real name Trenesha Biggers – has spoken to WPXI about what happened between her and Angle, as well as how TNA responded.

Biggers says that since filing the protective order against Angle, TNA shockingly said they had been ‘forced’ to choose between the two:

“I was told that by filing the PFA I was forcing them to choose between the two of us,” Biggers said of her employer. “I knew that when I filed it. I knew there was no way I was probably going to be able to work there anymore.”

With her TNA status up in the air, she talks about whether she could work with Angle regardless of TNA’s decision to side with him:

“I’ve forgiven so many times for what he’s done to me, and I’ve been around him and been fine, but now, he’s gone and slandered me. In the wrestling ring, you got to be able to trust the person you’re working with and know that they’re not going to hurt you.”

TNA’s stance to the whole situation is just wrong to me. Khan has had a bad reputation in the TNA lockerroom for some time but when it comes to something serious as this, I don’t think either party’s side should be chosen until things are settled in a court of law. By continuing to allow Angle to work and be their Heavyweight Champion, they have obviously taken his side. Khan could be lying, as is suspected in the TNA lockerroom, but until it’s proven in court both she and Angle should be benched. Once again this proves that wrestling is a man’s world and companies are willing to overlook their so-called top stars’ behaviour and if it involves a female worker, she’s the one that becomes expendable. This reminds me of the Debra-Stone Cold situation.

Watch the interview by clicking here.

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